38 (human age)




Rano (half-son?)

Ceno (brother)





Syat Cera is a male Dinaurian and the main protagonist of Victory. The story is third-person, though limited to him.

He appears with Rano and Ceno in the first chapter.


Syat wears a short vest made entirely of his own pale blue shed scales. Metal epaulettes adorn his narrow shoulders. The vest has a massive white hood of down from an unknown avian and a small pin shaped like a spear stuck onto the breast. He wears pants of an imitation leather, with several pockets accented by some of his prettier scales.

Syat has the aqua skin characteristic of most Dinaurians, though it is notably lighter than the hides of fellow individuals. A long horn projects from his nose, starting with a red base and ending in an aqua stripe. Two more, but shorter, horns extend from his forehead, and an additional three protrude from the top and sides of his head, all similarly coloured. Red stripes extend from his golden eyes to his jaw. His waist-length hair is the colour of pure snow, and is tied back in a bushy ponytail held by a metal clasp. His long, pointed ears are pierced and adorned by dull metal studs. A short tail sprouts from his rear.

He is tall compared to other males of his age and species. He also weighs considerably less than most.

Syat is blind in his right eye.


Syat was born during the reign of King Dynal XV, a tyrant compared to the more well-known King Dynal XVI. He and Ceno, his older brother by two years, had a relatively peaceful childhood, raised by loving and protective mother and father Tria and Ein Cera. At twenty-nine years of age, Syat was employed within the Dinaurian guard, and at thirty, married fellow guard Maya Sayura. Shortly after their marriage the two divorced, with conflicting opinions on various issues. 

Roughly two years after their divorce, Maya had a child with an unknown individual and, unable to take care of the kid herself, dumped him on Syat. Syat did not, however, take the child as a burden- he enlisted the help of his brother to raise the boy he had named Rano.

Guhnash was upon the Dinaurians' home planet by the time Rano had aged six. Syat, Ceno and Rano escaped being consumed via an escape pod, but crash landed some time off in an unknown and harsh tundra environment. 


Battle FormEdit

Syat resembles a spatial Styraco with long, feathered projections along the back and a massive white fur ruff behind the crest. (WIP)

Stats + SkillsEdit

Stat Value
LP 440
Attack 64
Defence 30
Accuracy 55
Evasion 8