Well here it is: a fanfiction from exclusivly a vivosaur's point of view. Well this is probably going to go bad, but please give feedback.

The Strange, The Stranger and The StrangestEdit

Finally thought Guera as she came out of the medal. He's asleep. Slipping out of the room Guera went down to her favorite place- the pond. A vivosaur has got to eat you know. Looking down she saw one fish. Just as she was about to scoop it up, she felt that strange urge. Then she started humming ode to joy. In the midst of that, she didn't see the hopter that was coming for the fish. When the hopter got close to the fish, he heard the humming. Turning around, he saw Guera. "Whatwhat kind of vivvivosaur hums?" he stuttered.  Just then they heard a mighty roar. Both of them turned around and saw a Sucho. You would wake up the whole neighborhood like that, remarked Guera. Ignoring Guera, the Sucho said "What are you looking at?" He ran towards the fish scooped itup and swallowed it while stepping in the water. He then screamed out in pain and fainted. What? Hopter remarked. That is new a Sucho afraid in water. Then Hopter, Guera and Sucho parted ways.

The Begining of the Cup Edit

After the three vivosaurs went back and turned into their medals, all of their owners took them to the opening ceremony of the cup. Hopter, Sucho and Guera were fine with it but others were not. After the speech, all the fighters went off to dig at Treasure Lake. Finally, said Sucho, getting out of his medal. They are gone. Walking off with Brachio, they heard screaming. They looked and saw a Chasmo yelling at a bunch of other vivosaurs. They caught him yelling "My owner threw me out the window. He THREW me out a window. They already make us battle each other. This is going too far." The croud cheered. Seeing a confused Guera he went over and asked. "He didn't throw Chasmo out a window." she said, frowning. "He has always hated people, but I didn't think he would go this far." Then they turned around to see a Neo and Megalo screaming at a Spinax and Krona."This is a reserved area so scram." They tried to protest but then they got attacked with a Neo Combo.