Uncrossing the Rubicon




Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Psychological Thriller


K+, but Mentally Advanced.


In progress (supposedly)


Open (and welcomed!)


6, (+2 "songfics," +1 EX-)

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Deadlines were made to be broken.

Preface: Yes, this is a fic complementary to TDD25's Storm's Brewing, Lepa Ayan's Primrose Path, Novafan365's Silber and Gold, Trickster The Fossil Fighter's The Goal of 149 Vivosaurs, Proraptor715's Taking Flight, Michael's Fic (by R.B.P. The Unlinkable, Linked by No One) and Desert Storm by Autis21XT. Justyn's Story and the vacated Witch and Mesozoic Mayhem are to be considered valid AUs to this portion of the canon.

It's primarily told from the perspective of E4439Qv5's original character, Rubicon. All of these fics take place during the events of Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions. We may work in Frontier eventually, but that remains to be seen...

Summaries are best expressed in SONG FORM!!!!!

(It's considerably outdated at this point, but I'm keeping it for reasons, haha.)

From this page you can access each chapter of UtR individually. It will expand as I write more, obviously.

Also, when you see an "(A/N)", it means there's an Author's Note in the source code of the page. I tend to use those to provide background information that might otherwise interrupt the flow of the reading. If, say, a chapter parodies or covers a song (which does happen), information about and usually a link to the song will be kept there. I could use the comment section, but that doesn't show off my amazing mastery of wikicode. Anyone can use comments, but only a few can use the invisible source code.

Act I (Establishment Arc)Edit

  1. Humble Origins
  2. Raptor Revival
  3. Nobody Said it Was EZ...
  4. Power Pack
  5. MvR
  6. Radio Rage
  7. Special Twofer Chapter: Derp's Double & Waah, Scry About It
  8. And I'm Leavin' Tomorrow, Whaddya Say?

Act II (Crossing the Rubicon)Edit

  1. Enter Alistair
  2. AvR

Act III (My Life as a Brigand)Edit

Act IV (The Pinion)Edit


  • The EX-Chapters. These chapters are EXtraneous, but still pretty EXciting reads, if I do say so myself. And I do. Heck, I'd EXclai-*shot*
  • Ray Anchor's Voyage. This one isn't exactly a fic. It's a 14-video YouTube playlist I made when I was home sick with the flu one day. It loosely follows the major plot events of the first major antagonist, Ray Anchor (formerly Ray Narvaez II). Runs 39 minutes long, and all but 1 video is under 5 minutes. 1.5x and 2x play speeds are your friend if you don't want to or can't speed the full time on each video. Recommended in fact for 'Exile Vilify.' I'd love to put a trimmed version in its place but can't find one anywhere.
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