Hey everyone, this is DinonerdDC and I'm here to bring an interesting topic up - How the Islands of Fossil Fighters Champions were formed. For some reason, all three of the islands represent a real possible place n the world, Ribular Island representing forest land and greenery, Cranial Island representing harsh deserts and volcanos, and of course Illium Island, representing Frozen Tundras and for some reason, the stomachs of marine mammals. However, what is never explained in the game is One, how the islands were made, Two, how the travelers got to the Island, and Three, How the inhabitants of this island communicated and developed their way of living. Lastly, Joe Wildwest found this place and made it an amusement park, but how did he get here? The Islands may seem straightforward to some, but to me, they are mysterious specks of lands whose origin has yet to be understood.

1. How the Islands were made.

Though some will probably disagree, based on the story, I believe Zongazonga created the islands far from the mainland to trap his servents and watch them play the game. First, it would explain the reasons the Islands are so different and almost uninhabitable - the cruel wizard wanted his subjects to travel through the harsh islands to prove themselves, as well as making sure no outsiders came on to the desolate archipelago.

2. How the travelers got there

Zongazonga forced them to come and fight with the "Powerful beasts of the past." I mean really, who would want to live in a volcano, a tundra, or unexplored forest. The travelers never wanted to come in the first place, but had to due to the evil magic of Zongazonga.

3. How did the travelers communicate.

Through the games they played. When the championship matches, or whatever it was called by Zongazonga, people would get together and plot against him. After all, no one wants the be the entertainment of an evil king who would take over the winner of the tournament he hosted right?

So it seems to me, that the serene islands have a history of bloodshed. Its like the dinosaurs themselves. No one knows what happened back then, but we can come up with theories that may explain the past

Thanks for reading