New Trick

This is the story of Trickster, a fan character in the roster Storm's Brewing, and his goal to collect all 149 Vivosaurs, A little list of disclaimers before you jump in.

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Another note as to 7/28/2016:

Since this will be a much larger project than expected, character auditions are welcome. Message the creator's wall page for more info.

Chapter 1: The beginning of Trickster's dream (Prologue)Edit

"Wait, how did you and Daddy meet?" I said, tilting my head at Mom

"Well, have you ever heard of vivosaurs or watched it on TV son?" My dad replied, still with his arm around Mom.

"What are those?" I said, tilting my head.

Well son," Mom started whilst holding out an odd coin. "Vivosaurs are just like those dinosaurs you read about in that big book, but they're revived into these medals. And, you can use them to fight others in what we call Fossil Battles. Your Dad and I met on the first park, and fell in love."

"That's so cool!" I smiled brightly. "Can I get one of my own?"

"Hmm, I did hear that they are in fact opening up a fossil cleaning class for those who might wanna try it out." Dad scratched his chin. "But, you're going to need good grades in order to convince me to take ya."

Chapter 2: Slash (Prologue)Edit

I was still tinkering with the Touch Pad I found when looking through the old parts place. They put out a bunch of parts ever Sunday, so I was still working on figuring out if I could connect a cable so I can use it with any device.

"Hey Trick, you ready to take that exam." My father said.

I nodded, "Yeah, but I'm a little nervous."

"It'll be fine, just relax and you won't mess up." He said as I walked out, and showed me what he was holding.

"Here, a small fossil case and a fossil to boot." He smiled, handing me a big suitcase. It wasn't heavy at all when I held it in my arm.

It seemed like forever to get there, and even longer to wait for my test. It was finally time to take the final test to prove you know how to clean. Simple enough? Not at all, you have to use a hammer and drill in order to carve the rock off without damaging the fossil a lot. It's surprising that I got this far, but I'm not going back now.

Before they clicked in the fossil to clean, "wait, I'd like to use my own." I said, holding out my white fossil rock.

After a second of confusion, the teacher shrugged it off and placed it right in. And then the timer started, straight to work. I hammered away at the front, careful to not to touch any bone with it. Then pulled out the drill, and went at it. Dust, everywhere, in my eyes and on my shirt. However, when it was all done.

"125 points? It's a rare fossil! But, that still means you passed with flying colors. Congratulations, Parsifal!" I smiled, happily grabbing my plaque from the teacher.

"Hey way to go, say... you up for another one." My father smirked, holding up another fossil.

Chapter 3 The Roommate and the VivoVoiceEdit

So today's the big day, I said as I jumped off the helicopter and raced in.

"Hey, I'd like to register.

"Sorry, but I already know how to clean fossils, can you please start the timer?"

Stella nodded and started the timer and I went to work, but I quickly noticed the fossil was fragile, and I went to quickly use the drill. When I was done, I had my 100 point fossil in the revival machine and I found out I had an Amargo, which I quickly named Blaze, due to the element. Since I was early I had to wait for my dorm to be chosen.

I decided to go sightseeing. After sightseeing I still had much more time so I went to the Fossil Guild. First I saw the Fossil Rocks they had. I bought an Amargo legs, a Mihu Body, and a Berto head. I also upgraded my sonar a bit. I got both monitor upgrades and a fossil chip. If I didn't buy the Berto head I would've had enough for a Filter.

Just as I finished, a Staff member came and said,

"You're dorm is ready, please follow me."

I nodded and followed him to my room. I got acquainted with my roomates. I sat down with one of them and had a little chat.

"Hi, I see we are roomates"

"I see, my name is Rick."

"Trickster's my name."

"Why's your name that?"

"Because I can be a very tricky fellow"

"Anyway, what do you plan to do if you win the Caliosteo Cup?"

"I plan to collect all 149 vivosaurs"

"Interesting, so what was your first vivosaur?"

"Slash, my Mihu, anyway good luck with the Caliosteo Cup"

I walked away to talk with Justyn, my other roommate.


"You're Trickster?"

"Yep, you're Justyn?"


"So, how are you?"

"Good, you?"

"Very excited, I've always wanted to come to the Caliosteo Isles"

"Nice, so what are you thinking you are going to have on your team?"

"So far I have Berto as a fossil rock, Slash, my Mihu whom I have had since I was 7, and Amargo whom I've revived today."

"I have my U-Raptor named Slade."

"Oh cool, I heard their poison skills are wicked."


"So, good luck with the Caliosteo Cup!"

"By the way, you'll be very lucky in your visit to the first digsite."


It was getting late so I decided to get some shut eye before tomorrow. But a voice screamed in my head and I jumped out of bed and said,


I looked around and saw that thankfully Rick and Justyn were still sleeping.

I heard the voice again.

"In your pocket."

I went into my pocket and pulled out my Mihu medal and said,


"Yes it is me, I've come to say that both me and Blaze would like for you to not carry us in your pocket."

"What am I supposed to carry you in?"

"Your mother secretly put a present in your bag, open it and see"

I went into my bag and opened up the box to see a belt with 5 medal holders, and I said,

"Alright." as I put Slash and Blaze into the holder, and then dozed off to sleep.

Chapter 4: Freezer, Crash, and JUSTYN WAS RIGHT?!Edit

Morning came and I was slow to get out of bed, but I did. I got up, got dressed, and grabbed my bag full of my digging gear. I opened the door and out of no where a Carno rushed by my door!!

I blinked, went to the bathroom, splashed cold water on my face, set off like nothing happened, and then I went to Stella because the staff forgot to give me a Paleopager.

I barely made it to the mammoth vision. But I was happy to see Joe.

Just like everyone else did, I set off to go digging at Treasure Lake. Most of the time I found Jewel rocks, but then I found a Wondrous Fossil Rock, but I so happened to hit my pickaxe in the same spot as Justyn did, so we fought over it.

I threw out Slash and Blaze, and he sent out Slade and his Nycto Ace.

"Impressive, you already have a Nycto Ace." I said.

He went first and passed, and since my vivosaurs have more fp usage than my fp charge, I passed too. He then went for a U-Venom and on Amargo. I went up next and said "Mihu Blade" and I hit his Nycto Ace even harder, and then I said "Amargo Stomp" and got a hit on Slade. His Nycto Ace actually disobeyed Justyn and attacked Slade and he went down.

"COME ON, ACE, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" he yelled.

I just stood there very quietly for a few minutes there before taking the chance to Amargo Combo his Nycto Ace. I beat his Nycto Ace with a final Mihu Blade.

I took the Wondrous Fossil rock and proceeded to go to the fighter station clean the fossils I had.

I got a ton of jewel rocks so I had more money, and then I cleaned those fossil rocks I got from the Fossil Guild.

I got 100 points on both the Amargo Legs and the Mihu Body.

I got 125 on the Berto head. I revived Berto and named it Albert, because it rhymes, and also Albert was really smart and was talking to me as soon as I got his medal. I started cleaning the Wondrous Fossil rock and I heard about how soft they were and got 100 on it easily, I put the Silver Arms on Albert because he had the most attack out of all my vivosaurs.

I went to the fossil guild to sell my jewels and finish upgrading my sonar.

Albert said, "Trickster there's a Berto Arms I would like you to get."

I said, "Say please."

Albert said, "Please, I really want to be stronger in order to fight for you."

I bought the Berto Arms and I also bought more slots for my case.

Justyn was right, I got a string of luck, first off I found a Miraculous Fossil Rock, and the guy who fought me for it only had a Raja, which I took out in 2 turns with the Raja barely making a dent in my team. Second off I found a whole set of Menchi parts, (I knew they were Menchi parts because I was told Menchi was the only fire vivosaur found there) I got more jewel rocks too. Last thing is that when I went in to look to see if there were fossils in the cave, my sonar picked up 6 spots for fossil rocks. I dug them up and they were all blue, indicating my first water vivosaur.

I went back to the Fighter's Station and cleaned the fossils really well. 100 a piece. Cryo was revived, which I named Freezer. Menchi was revived and brought into to my party, I named him Crash, because of his tail. I cleaned a Miraculous Fossil rock and put it on Slash, because I love him. The jewel rocks were cleaned. I kept one of the Miraculous Fossil Rocks just in case. Then I went to sell the jewel rocks, which most of them were sapphires, and I looked at the fossils and there was a Berto legs, a Mihu Arms, and an Amargo Body in the shop. I bought them and had exactly enough for a Super Drill. I cleaned them all up and then took a break.

Chapter 5: A new friendEdit

On the park bench I was dozing off due to all the fossils I just dug up and revived, when the paleopager went off.

"Round one is about to begin, Savannah has been chosen as Trickster's opponent, please report to the fighter station."


Immediately I jumped up and ran to the fighter station as fast as I could. Christ Albert is an eager one. My opponent was a fighter who wore a lime green dress with a purple top, and black hair. We had a little time to talk before our match.

"Hi there, I'm guessing you're my opponent." I said

"Yes, I saw you by Treasure Lake, you fought that guy with the Nycto Ace." she said

"Yeah, he could've had a chance if his Nycto Ace listened."

Savannah giggled.

The announcements came up, "The next match will be Trickster vs. Savannah."

Savannah said, "May the better Fossil Fighter win."

We went to our sides, I threw out Albert in the AZ, Mihu and Amargo in the SZ, and Savannah threw out her Tarbo, Nodo and Blitzigon.

My team got the first attack. Nothing I really can do, so I passed.

I passed and Savannah used a Tarbo Bite on Albert, then ended her turn.

I could attack Tarbo, seems it's her head hitter.

"But you could go for Nodo doll. It's a confusing vivosaur to handle with, also Tarbo has increased bulk cause of it."

I said, "Amargo Combo" and hit Nodo. Being afflicted with scare ability. Albert stared at me through his right eye.

"Don't worry, you'll get your turn.

"Impressive." Savannah said.

Savannah passed that round. I passed that round to build up FP. Savannah went for a Blitzigon Blade on Amargo.

I decided to give Albert what he wants and said "Thick Jaws, to the Tarbo". Albert rushed forward and bit Tarbo really hard, getting a critical hit on it.

"Your Berto is very eager to battle."

"I never knew he had it in him." I said, as Albert turned his head and stared.

Savannah passed next turn. I switched Mihu to the AZ for a perfect range Mihu Slash on Blitzigon, before bringing him back to the SZ, right after that I gave her Blitzigon an Amargo Stomp, giving it a critical hit and reverting it back to medal form, where Savannah quickly went to pick it up.

"You may have taken one of my vivosaurs down, but I still have 2 more" Savannah said with a smirk.

"We'll see about that" I said.

Nodo went for a Perplex Shot, getting the confusion on Albert. Savannah ended her turn after that. Albert got confused but actually went for the Thick Jaws on Nodo, putting it low."

"Your Berto is really resilient."

"You're telling me, scared me half to death just so I'd be here early."

"Your vivosaurs talk to you too?" We both laughed, god Albert is a savage and a clown all together, and this girl is so intriguing... her laugh perfect and yet tactics really impressive..

I passed after that, and Tarbo went for a Tarbo Combo on Amargo, getting a critical hit and reverting her back to her medal.

"It's even Steven now."

"We'll see about that"

I went for Thick Jaws on Nodo, knocking him out. I ended my turn after that. Her Tarbo quickly Tarbo Combo'd Albert, reverting him back to his medal.

"It's all over." Savannah said.

"It's never over with Slasher and I." I exclaimed.

I quickly went for a Mihu Slash, knowing what I was going to do

Savannah went for a Tarbo Fang, hitting Mihu and activating Parting Blow. "Yes!" I thought.

I went for Mihu Combo, knocking out Tarbo and winning Round 1.

"Great Job." Savannah said to me.

"Thanks." I said

"I guess you were the better Fighter."

"Hey, cheer up, you did really well, you almost had me, if it wasn't for Parting Blow I would've been done for."

Savannah blushed and said "Really?"

"Yes, you did really well. That was a close game, I'd love to fight again sometime."

"I hope you win the whole Caliosteo Cup, Trickster." Smiling ear for ear, it's so warm... I smiled back. That second... Seemed like ages, that I wouldn't mind reliving. Rose red cheeks and eyes, beautiful... We both started blushing and I shook it off.

"Thanks, do you want to go do something while round one matches are still taking place?"

"Definitely, you can get really hungry after a Fossil battle." she smiled, nudging me to follow

We went to the Ice Cream parlor, I got Strawberry ice cream and she got Vanilla. We finished our ice cream, and parted our separate ways, but we weren't away from each other for too long.....

Chapter 6: A very Breezy battleEdit

Finally, the paleopager went off,

"All Round 1 matches are complete! A new dig site has been opened: Labyrinth Jungle..." Blah, blah, blah...

I set off for the new dig site hoping to find some good fossils. I actually found entertainment. I went in to dig and this guy that I read was called "Rockin' Billy" stopped me.

"You heard there was a big monster in these here woods?" he said.

"I'm not scared of a stupid monster, probably just a stray vivosaur. Even if it is a monster, my vivosaurs would stomp it like a pancake."

I said,

"Are you sure?"

"If you don't believe me, I'll show you, now get out of my way if you don't want to have yourself cleaned in a Fossil Battle." I shined my Berto medal where he could see it, making him move to the side. I started digging right away, and I got into a few fossil battles. Just as I was heading back to the Fighter Area, Savannah came over.

"How's your digging going?" She said,

"Fine, I was just about to head back."

"Can you move over there for a second?"

"Sure.." I stepped back as she swung her pickaxe right where I was standing, revealing a Wondrous Fossil Rock."

"I must've missed that." , I said and laughed, "Good eye."

She giggled and said, "Thanks."

I decided to stay a bit longer and chat, it wasn't that long before Savannah hit another Wondrous Fossil Rock, which another fighter took interest in,

"I challenge you to a fossil battle for that fossil rock!" he said.

"You're on." Savannah replied back as I went to give them room to battle'l

Savannah thew out Tarbo, which she told me Tarbo was named Darby and is a female, Blitzigon, and a Stego, which I assumed was new due to the fact you can get them at this dig site.

The other fossil fighter threw out a Spinax, a Dimetro and an M-Raptor.

The guy with Spinax got the first turn and went for a charge on his Dimetro, before ending his turn. Savannah went for a Tarbo Bite on Spinax, activating auto counter and dealing a bit of damage on Darby too. It went to the other guy whom used Dimeteor on Darby, taking her down.

"Not bad, but it's not over yet!" Savannah said.

Savannah went for a Wind Spines, confusing Spinax, and a Blitzigon Blade took M-Raptor down, because of M-Raptors having low LP. A Spinax Combo hit Stego, and a Dimetro Fang took it down. Savannah went for a Blitzigon Beam, taking down Dimetro, but a Cyclone decided the battle.

"Thanks for the Fossil." the guy said.

"I didn't even need it." Savannah said

"Woah, let's break it up. Why don't we sit down and chat?"

So we sat down and chat, I came to learn his name, Michael. (Funny how that is my name too). Savannah was sitting close to me, but not too close, enough to respect my personal space. I don't know why she was sitting so close. After a few minutes I went to clean my fossil rocks, I got a Stego, and I named him Plates. I stopped by the Guild but I didn't see any good fossils. I decided to have a little chat with my vivosaurs.

"I WANT TO BATTLE." Albert kept saying,

"But I want to give Freezer a chance." I said.

"As long as I get in the next round.",


Blaze chimed in "I don't want to battle in the next round, I'm a little tired."

"Alright, I'll give Crash a try." I said

Slash said, "Let Plates in the team."

"Why?" I said.

"You'll have more type coverage if you do."

"Great idea, Slash. You're really smart."

"Thank you."

I decided to get some Ice Cream before Round 2. After a Cherry Coca-Cola the paleopager went off...

Chapter 7: Fountain CharadesEdit

"Round 2 is about to begin; Deltri has been selected to be Trickster's opponent. Please report to the fighter's station to battle." Immediately I rushed to the fighter's area. I had to wait for Detri to get there, and we didn't talk much.

I threw out Freezer, Plates and Crash, and he sent out a V-Raptor, a Dilopho and a Sopteryx.

I said, "A bunch of raptors, I see we've got something interesting here."

"Yeah, don't expect these tiny fellas to go down so easily." Deltri said.

He had the first turn, he used Enflame on V-Raptor, and then he used Dilopho Fang and Sopteryx Fire on Freezer, but he still hung on strong.

It was my turn, I was going to go for a Menchi Stomp on Sopteryx but Freezer stopped me.

"Before you try to go for the best attack, go for the best defense." Freezer said.

"Who do you suggest?" I said.

"Stego has a nice skill."

Immediately I called Wind Spines, and I got the confusion on V-Raptor, and then I ended my turn. V-Raptor used enflame on Sopteryx, to my dismay, so Sopteryx Fire got a little boost, Plates was a little weak but still held on. Dilopho used Quicken on V-Raptor, before handing it off to me.

"Pass; I know how to bypass the support effects." Freezer said.

I passed and V-Raptor went for a Toxic Combo on Crash, but he stood strong as ever. Dilopho went for a quicken on V-Raptor. My turn now!

"Go for a Toxic Ruin." Freezer said.

Toxic Ruin did the job, and V-raptor was poisoned. I went for a Whirling Dash on Dilopho, making a huge impact, Dilopho barely held on. Deltri went for a Life Charge on Dilopho.

"I told you I'm not going down easily." Deltri said with a smirk.

A Toxic Combo defeated Stego, I used the FP I got very well, First I used another Toxic Ruin on V-Raptor and then went for a Blast Radius on Sopteryx, I got lucky with a critical and a One hit Knock out, but he still had 2 vivosaurs to be dealt with. A Lethal Poison finished Cryo, but Dilopho Fury didn't do as much as I expected on Crash. Crash's Solo Power was activated this turn. V-Raptor was very weak and a Menchi Stomp took him out.

"It's one on one now, we shall see who wins now." I said with a laugh "Solo Power should get the job done for me"

Dilopho Fury did more on Crash, and he was getting a little tired.

"Blast Radius, Crash. We have this." I said.

I went for a Blast Radius and Dilopho was very worn down, but not defeated. Next turn, Dilopho Fury defeated Crash, the medal dropping to the ground. I shook hands with Deltri, congratulated him, and set off to upgrade my case in defeat. It's such a shame to have been taken out so early. Next time, I swear.

Paleopager went off saying people defeated in round 2 could remain at the Caliosteo Islands, and that a new dig site, Mt. Krakanak, was open. I rushed to get to the Mt. Krakanak because I was excited about all the fossil rocks that could on Cranial Isle, and that I was at the Fossil Guild. I ran outside, tripped on my own 2 feet, and Albert fell out of my pocket and went out of medal form!

Albert looked around as I said. "Hey, bud just come back to me so we can head out to explore another area." He turned to me, but then a fountain sprayed water directly at his eye. In a fit of rage, it broke the walls and chomped on the portion that spat water in its direction.

He destroyed not only the fountain, but a VMM as well. As soon as he calmed down, I went to Stella to tell her what happened,

"Stella, my Berto destroyed the fountains and the VMM. I'm sorry, is there anything I can do to repay for my vivosaur's damage?" I said to her.

Stella replied," I don't have anything to do, but I heard Terry needed some help with Rainbow Canyon, he's really nice. I'll tell him what happened, all you have to do is give him this." Stella took a blank note from her desk and wrote something on it, folded it up and handed the note to me. I took it and put it in my pocket. I walked to the helicopter and went to Cranial. I decided to get a little sleep on the helicopter.

Chapter 8: Gondolas Gondolas GondolasEdit

The helicopter landed and I went to Terry and gave him the note.

"I see, well I have a good job for you." Terry said.

"I would like to get to work right away." I replied.

"Here is a pass, go to Rainbow Canyon, your job is to collect some fossils from the canyons, mark where the most fossil rocks of the same type were found, and bring them back for me to look over." Terry handed a map of the canyons, and a pass to go to Rainbow Canyon.

"Alright, I'll do my best." I said as I put the pass around my neck, and carried the map in my hand.

I set off to Rainbow Canyon, I saw that Justyn was there but I focused on my task. I carried my case, and set off on the gondola to look at the canyons.

I first saw a huge red canyon, and marked down where the best fossils were, while taking some in my case.

The next canyon was a blue canyon, I marked down the middle was the best to find fossil rocks.

The Blank Canyon was harder, I marked down the very end of the blank canyon to be the best spot.

I marked down that the whole Green Canyon was full of fossils.

The Yellow Canyon was next, I marked that the very end of Yellow Canyon was the best spot. Just as I headed up I saw something red falling down from the sky. It was Justyn!

I tried to catch him but I couldn't reach him. He got his Nycto Ace that actually listened to him this time when he threw it out and saved him. I shrugged it off and proceeded to Terry.

"I have so many fossils for you." I told him, opening my case.

"Nice job." Terry replied as I handed him back the map, which I had marked for him. I handed him the pass back.

"Why don't you keep some of those Fossils?" He said.

"Really?! You're just going to give them to me just like that?"

"No problem, that was a very hard job, and the other staff members were busy with all the preparations of the other dig sites, I even had someone help me try to find the Mammoth Vision"

I thanked him and I decided to take some of the red fossils and the green fossils, I got a Saichan which I named Spike, and a Ptera I named Skyla, as I put Skyla in my party so if something happened like with what happened with Justyn, I would be okay.

Chapter 9: Wings over fang, luck from above!Edit

I finally got the chance to rush to Mt. Krakanak, the place I was waiting to go the whole time. I didn't get to see any of the Round 3 matches because of all the cleaning I did, but I wasn't disappointed with what I found. I got to the dig site just in time to see Savannah and someone fighting over a Miraculous Fossil Rock. Savannah threw out Zanth, Stego and Oloro, and the guy threw out Raja, Tricera and Brachio.

Savannah got the first attack and used Wind Spines on Tricera. Oloro's link activated, and hit Tricera with an Oloro punch before ending her turn.

"Very clever." the fighter said.

Brachio swapped the team with Mighty Stomp, also hitting Zanth in the process. This gave Tricera perfect range for Tricera to hit Oloro. Savannah passed her turn on to the other guy. Raja Fang did some decent damage on Oloro and then it was Savannah's turn. A Zanth Press and a linked Oloro Punch left Brachio in severe danger. Stego then went for a Whirling Dash, which ended Tricera. Brachio rotated Savannah's vivosaurs with Mighty Stomp, also hitting Stego, then Raja Whirl took Stego down. a Zanth Shot put Brachio to sleep, and link did not work this though. Oloro Punch took a toll on Raja.

"It looks like someone isn't going to have their Giga Raja any time soon." Savannah said with a laugh

the other fighter kept his composure and commanded his Raja to use Raja Rage, which almost ended Zanth, and Brachio woke up. Zanth Tail ended Raja. Oloro went for a Payback. Brachio went for a Mighty Stomp on Zanth and defeated him. Oloro got revenge with an Oloro Rush. Savannah took the Miraculous Fossil Rock with a Moxie. The other fossil fighter just walked away like didn't have a care in the world

"Man, that guy must teach anger management classes."  I thought to myself.

I left and headed for the top of Mt. Krakanak, where I heard a very small but powerful vivosaur was located. Just as I hoped for, I got a lot of Yellow Fossil Rocks. I also took some red fossil rocks for fun. I was looking down the inside of the volcano when the rocks slipped from under my feet and I fell.

"Skyla! " I said as I threw her out. Skyla swooped down and flew right under me and caught me before I could fall in the lava.

"Even though I'm more glad you're okay, I'm glad you're right about me being the fastest around."

Since I was down here and Mt. Krakanak was technically open, I decided to see what I could find here. I opened up my guide on Mt. Krakanak as it's one of the more perilous areas. I saw that there was a vivosaur called Dacerus that could be found here. A rather underrated but powerful poison producer. I also saw that you could find T.Rex here, and even though that vivosaur it powerful alone, I never liked him. I decided to look for Dacerus.

I swung all day, and when I was done my case had a full set of Dacerus fossils. I noticed a Miraculous Fossil Rock that was in the wall. I knew what to do.

"Crash, come out and lift me up!" I said as I threw out Crash.

Crash yawned, and then lowered his neck for me to get up on, and I grabbed for the miraculous fossil rock and put it in the last slot of my case.

Just as I was about to throw out Skyla to get out of the volcano, I heard someone,

"Are you alright?!" Rick said as Nycto Ace landed to the ground.

Savannah rushed to me and hugged me as if it was a miracle I'm alive. I wrapped my arms around her, keeping her close.

"I'm fine, I was about to go up." I said while trying to calm down Savannah with some back rubs, who seemed very worried for me. I was honestly worried I'd never get to see her again now that I think of it.

"We both saw you fall and we didn't know if you were okay, so we went back to the fighter's station to tell Terry what happened. He said that he'll get paramedics shortly. Savannah couldn't wait, I decided to tag along because if you didn't fall in the lava, it would be better for 2 people to carry you to Nycto Ace to fly you back to the fighter's station and get help." Rick said

"Skyla saved me, I'm so glad I chose Air vivosaurs over Water vivosaurs." I said with a chuckle "Go tell Terry I'm okay. I'll be right behind you."

"Okay" Rick and Savannah said as Nycto Ace took off, with me and Skyla flying right behind them

"Thank you Skyla. I owe you my life, I know now why Joe Wildwest's favorite vivosaur is a Ptera" I said as I patted Skyla on the side, making her smile.

As soon as I landed I was greeted by a staff member that made sure I was A-okay. After that I treated Rick and Savannah to ice cream as an apology making them worry. I decided to take it easy for a little bit. Falling into a volcano and almost dying takes a lot out of you.

Right after that I went to cleaning. I got the last fossil for Albert, which he was happy about. I cleaned a Compso, whom I named Lucky. I got my Dacerus, whom I named Acentrurus, since she's a master of Poison skills, and has Rallying Cry. I got a Yango, but I shortly super evolved him because I heard Dydomio was really cool. Since it was night time, I decided to go to sleep.

Chapter 10: Poisonous TeambuildingEdit

As I was looking over the fossilary someone spoke to me.

"Trickster, I've heard that you don't know about team skills." It was Lucky.

"Team skills?" I said.

"It was on the internet, I used your laptop. If you put 3 compatible vivosaurs together, you can unleash a skill similar to a T.Rex's Tyrant's Roar, but more deadly."

"How did you even use my laptop?"

"Magic" Lucky laughed

"Okay, what would be a team of compatible vivosaurs?"

"A team of Fire vivosaurs would work, or even earth vivosaurs, there are other things that can help too, but I don't know exactly."

"What about Slash?."

"I don't know."

"Oh." I said as I sat down on the couch

"Sometimes team skills don't matter at all though, like Carno, I heard from Slash that there was one that rushed through the hallway."


"Carno does not have a team skill, nor does it have any compatibility."

"Do you want to fight in the next fight I have?" I asked.

"Yes, I really want to, team me up with some Jurassic Vivosaurs." Lucky said

After an hour of studying my vivosaurs through the fossilary, and by looking at their appearances, I found the perfect team.

I decided to go to try them out, As I headed out to test them out, I was poked on the shoulder. It was Rick,

"Hey, I see you're not busy right now, how about a friendly round?" Rick said with a smirk

"Perfect." I said in my head whilst replying.

"Sure. Let's go to Rainbow Canyon."

We both rushed to Rainbow Canyon, and once we were there, we picked a good spot to battle on.

I threw out Freezer, Acentrurus and Lucky, and Rick threw out Daspleto, Compso, and Zanth.

I went first.

"Let's get going." Lucky said in an motivated tone.

I went for a Toxic Cutter. Daspleto took a decent amount of damage, Compso stood strong, and Zanth got poisoned. Compso Kick got a critical off.

"I'm surprised you didn't bring in Mihu." Rick said

"I'm switching it up." I replied

A Zanth Press didn't deal much damage against Cryo, but did excite him. I passed my next turn. A Zanth Shot made Acentrurus go to dreamland, but Rick had no FP after that.

"Here, have a present." I said as Freezer to use Frozen Pulse and got his whole team poisoned.

Rick seemed to smirk a bit before going for Smash Combo on Dacerus, getting a critical hit, and also activating Acentrurus's FP Absorb.

Poison took its toll on his team when he ended his turn. A Poison Hammer took out Compso and a Toxic Ruin poisoned Zanth again.

Zanth Shot hit Lucky hard, but he hung on. Poison ended Zanth, and a Cryo Combo finished his Daspleto.

"Good game man, those strats." Rick said as we high-fived.

"You as well, I'm surprised I even did that well."

We decided to go to the Fossil Guild. I was very happy with what I found there, the last fossil for Amargo.

Just as I was stepping out the door a green blur flew right in front of me, knocking me off of my feet.

"That Nycto Ace took my sonar?" I said as I got up. I then noticed a long haired individual

Skyla picked me up with her arms and we quickly took off, as I swung from her arms onto her back. After a few minutes, we finally caught up.

The rider's hair seems familiar, long and black..

"Skyla, take me above it. I'll jump down."

"But what if you fall?" Skyla looked back, concerned.

"You're the fastest Ptera around, you'll just swoop up and catch me."

Skyla nodded, then shot down like a bullet on Nycto Ace,

I jumped, without thinking twice about it. It's as if I wanted to jump for the fun of it... I landed on Nycto Ace, the person quickly turned around.

"Savannah, what.. but why?",I said, rather surprised to see her again. As much as I want to be mad, I really enjoyed this chase, Maybe we'll have another

"Surprised to see me?" Savannah giggled.

"Why would you go to all of this trouble to get my attention?"

"I wanted to talk to you, I was hoping that. Sorry if I went overboard with it." She looked away.

"It's okay, but next time just ask." I laughed, "Can we land before we keep talking though?"

"Sure." Savannah said.

Recalling Skyla I sat down and waited for us to land, which was on top of the huge skull in Treasure Lake.

We sat down.

"Again, I'm sorry about the chase but I wanted to talk to you all alone, I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to stay on the islands, I've gotten much better at Fossil Battles, I've made 2 new friends." She handed me a white fossil rock. "It's a Mihu Legs rare fossil, it's not much but I know it'll complete Slash."

"Thank you, and don't worry about it, was actually fun to jump off Skyla and take a risk."

We both laughed, and right after I helped her down off the Bonehead Hollow before waving her goodbye.

"Trickster, I need your help if you have the time." it was Justyn,

"What's the trouble?" I asked.

Justyn pulled out a huge blue fossil, "I need you to come to Clean Z. Party's and help me clean this with me."

"Alright, We'll meet up tomorrow, I'm very tired. You won't believe what happened today."

"Thanks, bye!!" Justyn left

"We should get going too Savannah, it's getting late" I yawned.

"Okay, I'll cya around Trick." She smiled at me as she walked home, and I waved and smiled back as she did. Her smile is so adorable...

Chapter 11: Camara StormEdit

I woke up early and headed to Clean Z. Fossil’s to help Justyn. Justyn was upset that I did not bring anyone but myself

“Where are the others I asked you to get?” Justyn said

"I didn't get anyone else." I replied.

"What? But why!" He said, seemingly agitated.

"We got this, I took fossil cleaning classes a while ago.

The clock started and we went straight to work. Justyn smashed away at the outer base as I methodically cleaned all the inner layers. Then we drilled the inner layer. Five minutes later, the fossil was cleaned and 2 Tanstro was revived from it, one being distributed to each of us.

“Thanks, I guess. I don't know you pulled that off though. If you need anything from me, I'll do it, consider it an "I O U" ” he said as he walked away.

Just as I was walking to the helipad so I could get to Cranial and my dorm, I heard a huge crash of a tree falling in the Jungle Labyrinth. I rushed to see what was going on, and immediately I was greeted by a Camara smacking a tree down, missing me by barely a foot. Just as the Camara saw me, I quickly took out the medal in my belt that was closest to my hand, and I threw it. Blaze came out, while giving a battle cry and shaking her neck to intimidate the Camara, but it did not work.

Camara smashed Blaze with a Camara Buster. But Blaze hung on, “Amargo Combo” I shouted, Blaze stomped on Camara, then kicked it back, but the Camara wouldn’t give up. It went for a Camara Storm, and Blaze went for a Blazing Doom without me asking her to, it was like she knew I was going to say that. Camara Storm took out Blaze, while Blazing Doom ended Camara. I went to pick up both of them up.

“This Camara sure looked angry” I thought to myself

I decided to go to my old dorm on Ribular Island, and I sat down to try to talk to Camara. I held the medal in my hand,

Camara, I know you don’t know me too much, and that you’re probably angry with me because I am holding you, but I’d like to know why you’re angry” I said

5 long silent minutes passed, and I nothing happened, so I decided to just shrug it off, put her in my team so I could try to get to know her better.

The paleopager went off, usually I ignored it, but this time I decided to take a break from all of my usual digging and cleaning to go see a battle. I bolted to the helipad. Barely making it to the match, I sat down to see the teams, it was Elasmo, Thalasso and Tricera versus Zanth, Venator and Salto. The fighters fought hard, and the sparks were flying, but in the end, the fighter that was called "Damon" by Ty Ranno won.I left the Stadium and I decided to go to Rainbow Canyon to see what I could find there, but as I was running I tripped on my own 2 feet, and Blaze dropped from my belt, and was sent out of her medal.

“Phew, I’m glad this happened out here and not in the fossil center” I thought,

Blaze, please come here, I didn’t mean to throw you out.”

Blaze was focused on someone that was heading for Mt. Krakanak

“Blaze, what are you th-“

At that instance, Blaze started racing after that fighter, towards Mt. Krakanak, and very quickly for a vivosaur of her stature

“No Blaze wait, I'll just take you to the music!” I yelled as I started running after her.

Chapter 12: Sky battlesEdit

After 10 long minutes of running around, I finally found Blaze. She was following the fighter, whom I now recognized as Savannah. 

"BLAZE STOP RUNNING!" I yelled before stopping to catch my breath. 

"Sorry, when I hear some music, I just gotta jam." Blaze said. 

"Oh hey Trickster!" Savannah said with a smile "I didn't notice your Amargo was following me, must have the volume up too much" 

"She chased you for over 10 minutes"  

"Really" she giggled 

"Anyway, I'm gonna go to Rainbow Canyon" 

"I'll race you there"  

As I was picking up Blaze, she sped off. 

I was out of breath, so I rested a while before racing off to Rainbow Canyon. Just as I was walking toward the Gondola, I heard a scream. It was Savannah.

Immediately I took Skyla out and flew down the Gondola. I was irritated that there was no system to what people do around the gondola. There was someone else going down the canyon too. It was the fighter that I saw in the stadium, Damon.

We battled, but oddly enough, everything went wrong. He got Skyla enraged. Being air type didn’t help either. I fell off Skyla after his Thalasso and my Skyla hit straight on and she fell. I thought I was a goner, but Savannah saved me.

Savannah pulled me away as I called him out to battle later.

“I owe you my life Savannah.” I said to her as I sat down, "And I'm sorry about acting out there, I kinda got mad." But why did I get mad? Was it the loss? Or was it because I wasn't able to save her like she saved me.. It was, because I care about her more now than I saw myself doing so before... How she always takes care of me or checks up when I'm upset or in peril...

“I’ll think about it, right now I want to dig for more fossils”, Savannah said.

“Alright, I’ll see you around.” I walked away.

I went to the cleaning room. I always wondered who the lady was that was to the right of KL-33N."Hi, what do you do?” I said</p>

“I work with Donation Points, if you clean a fossil and it’s one you already cleaned and it’s points are less than the one integrated on your vivosaur, you’ll donate it and get Donation Points based on how well the fossil is cleaned.” The lady said with a smile

“Wow I didn’t know you had the donation points. KL33-N didn’t tell me”

“Yes, you currently have 700 donation points, so-“ I cut her off. Wait, but how?"

“You cleaned a ton of perfect fossils, and since you improved on the scores of a bunch of them before reviving, the prior fossils were donated to accumulate that many points.

“Oh, well what do you have here?”

“There are vivosaur fossils, masks, and super fossils.”

I looked over the fossils. I always looked at the things that were the highest price so the ones labeled “Spino” caught my eye really quickly.

“What is this vivosaur like?” I asked pointing to the fossils labeled "Spino"

“Spino is a water type vivosaur with high attack and a range of poison skills, it also has decent speed.”

I knew that I didn’t have many water types, I said “I’ll take a whole set”

“Dark fossil or regular?” The lady asked

“Dark fossils have red bones right?” I replied

“Yes, but they are harder to clean”

“I’ll take dark fossils, if there's one thing we can confirm, I probably can get these perfect."

"If you say so..." She said, doubtful.

I gave my Donation points away, took the fossils and headed to the Fossil Guild to stock up on Timer Pluses and Buster Probes before starting to clean the fossils. I took my time in cleaning all 4 of those fossils, so as not to screw up. I restocked on Timer Pluses twice. I eventually had Spino’s fossils in the revival machine and Spino came out. I nicknamed him Espinazo because I learned a bit of Spanish and Spine is Espinazo in Spanish. I cleaned a Wondrous Fossil Rock after to see what it was. It was a Silver legs fossil. I integrated it to Espinazo so I could get better defense on him.

After that, I decided to clean out my case of fossils the hard way. Without timers,

Chapter 13: Green roses, tidal waves

After all that I went through, I went to my dorm for the night.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I shot out of bed, falling on the floor.

“SLASH?!” I shouted angrily as I got up from on the floor

“Sorry for waking you up, but I wanted to get you up because well, it is your special day.”

“It’s fine, I’m just a little tired from everything that happened yesterday.”

I looked at the time, realizing how late it was.

“DID I SLEEP FOR THAT LONG?!” I started getting dressed and rushed out the door.

“WAIT A MINUTE!” I stopped for a moment.

“I almost forgot, Dydomio went out before, he left this morning, I also told the others about it being your birthday last night, I saw him chasing after Savannah while I was looking out the window, it looked like she was heading to Rainbow Canyon.”

I recalled Slash and ran to Rainbow Canyon.

“Hey Trickster, how was your nap?” “It was okay, even with the random awakening. So, I heard my Dydomio was around here, do you know where he went?” “I got him, here.” She handed me my Dydomio. “By the way, I heard there was something going on at Treasure Lake, sounded really fun.” “I’ll go check it out.” “Can I come?”


I put Dydomio in my case and headed towards the Helicopter while she held my hand tightly, as much as it was odd I enjoyed it, and held hers back.

“Isn’t the view great?” Savannah said as she looked out the window, blushing as she noticed me holding hands with her. Peering out the window, I saw a beautiful view. No clouds were in sight. You could see all 3 Caliosteo Islands perfectly. “Yes it is.” I finally said as the Helicopter started descending on Ribular Isle. Getting off, we headed to Treasure Lake. “There’s nothing here.” I said with a sigh. “Maybe it’s in there.” Savannah said as she pointed to the Bonehead Hollow.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go look.”

As we walked in “SURPRISE”

Justyn, Rick and another person was there. He was wearing a blue shirt, jeans, black running shoes and a hat with the air symbol on it.

“Who’s that?” I whispered to Savannah.

“His name is Michael. We’re friends, had a battle and he helped me with a ” Savannah whispered back.

“Ah alright”

“LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED” Rick said as he popped open a Coca Cola

“YEAH” I said as I ran towards cooler, but then I stopped.

“Actually before that” I pulled out my medals.

“I think my Vivosaurs should celebrate my birthday as well”

I tossed out all of my vivosaurs out, when they materialized they all turned to me.

“It’s my birthday, go have fun. You deserve to celebrate as much as I do.”

Espinazo started drinking out of the lake, Camara started walking towards the trees, Blaze and Crash started dancing to Savannah’s radio. Saichan and Plates sparring for practice, Slash lied down at the entrance of the Bonehead Hollow, Skyla perched up at the top of the skull while Albert and Freezer started talking to each other about pranks.

“I guess you're all as tame as your ancestors, wait, didn’t I let Lucky out? Where is he?”

“DAMMMIT, GET BACK HERE!” I spun around

Lucky was running out of the Bonehead Hollow with a Coca Cola in his mouth with Rick behind him. We all started laughing as Rick chased Lucky around the Dig Site.

“Rick, come back! We have more Coca Cola!” I laughed out as I sat down with Savannah. Rick came back shortly after I sat down.

Justyn and Parsifal started battling each other. Justyn used Siamo, U-Raptor, Amargo while Parsifal used Giga Spinax, Dimetro and M-Raptor.

I turned towards Rick and Savannah.

“What do you think you want to do now that you’re out of the cup?” Savannah asked us both as we drank our sodas.

“Good question, maybe I could get all my vivosaurs to maximum rank first but after that I’m not sure” I said as I put my Cherry Coca-Cola down on the little coffee table Savannah brought.

“I dunno” Rick said as he finished his drink.

We all laughed. I pulled out a Coca Cola for Rick, a Sprite for Savannah, and a Cherry Coke for myself, Michael and Justyn finished fighting, with Michael being the victor.

“Did you have fun you two?” I said as they were walking back

“It was a good game” Parsifal said as I passed him and Justyn a bottle of water.

“Yeah, the flames were flying everywhere.” Justyn said as he sat down.

Savannah turned to me, “Uh, Trickster?”

“Yes?” I said as I turned to her.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a while.” she started blushing.

“Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“Oh I know where this is going” Rick said as he kicked back in his chair.

“Anyway, I’ve been wanting to say that I really, really-” she got cut off as a Gravel Breath sent someone flying out of the bushes. Taking a closer look I realized who that was. It was Mary, wearing her blue shirt and jeans, she got up.

“Hey Trickster, it’s been a while.” She said as she walked towards us.

“Yes it has been. How did you find out I was here?” I replied.

“A little bird told me, so how have you been?”

“I’m doing fine.”

“So, will you finally go out with me after I chased you all the way down here?”

“No he will not!” Savannah said as she got up and walked towards Mary.

“Oh, and who are you?” Mary said.

“I’m Savannah, Trickster’s best friend since he got here. I was just about to tell him how I really feel about him until you showed up, and I am not just going to give up this chance and let you ruin this.” Savannah said as she glared at Mary.

Wait... was that why she's been all over me?

“Oh yeah, and what are you going to do about it?”

“I will do what I have to do.” Immediately she tossed out Darby, Nodo and Nycto Ace.

Mary Immediately threw out a Mapo King, a Heracles and a Marple.

“Perplex Shot” Nodo immediately shot air funnels at Mapo King, confusing it.

Mary went next, but Mapo King went and Royally struck Heracles, costing her all the FP she charged up and had to pass.

Savannah passed on her turn, Mapo King didn’t do a thing so Heracles enflamed it. Nycto Ace did a somersault into Heracles, dealing massive damage.

“Are you ready to give up yet?” Savannah said, clenched fist and glaring at Mary.

“You wish” Mary snickered.

Mapo King struck Darby with a Royal Buster, but she did not falter even though it dealt a decent amount of damage.

Darby retaliated with a Cyclone, nearly knocking out Mapo King. Heracles crashed into Nodo with a Heracles Blade, but Nodo shrugged it off like it’s nothing.

“Savannah really cares for you.” Slash said as he strolled over.

“Yeah, she’s been my friend for as long as I’ve been here but I never thought she'd fight for that kind of relationship…” I replied.

“Slash, would you mind getting the others?”

“Sure.” Slash said as he walked off.

I thought I was the only one of us both that thought a little more than just friendship between us. But to be together... I actually can't wait. She's shown me a few things about myself that I didn't know. Maybe we'll see more things now... I smiled at the thought.

When I looked back at the battle, Savannah had already defeated Heracles and Mapo King, but Marple had poisoned Both Nycto Ace and Nodo.

“Darby, Cyclone! Let the wind take her away!” Darby fired off a Cyclone and finished off Marple.

Savannah recalled Nodo and Nycto Ace, and both she and Darby walked over to where Mary was standing.

“I beat you, now get lost.” Savannah said as Darby glared at Mary. "You're old news."

Mary ran off, scared as Savannah recalled Darby and walked over towards me.

“You wanted to tell me something?” I said as we sat back down.

“Yes, but I’d rather ask you alone.” Savannah replied.

“Do you wanna meet somewhere in particular?”

“How about by the fountains at around 8:00?”

“Sounds fine to me.” I smiled at her so I could see her smile back,

“Trickster.” Rob said.

“What’s up?” I replied.

He handed me a Cherry Coca Cola with a smirk on his face. I knew what he wanted.

He opened up his Coke and I opened mine.

“Justyn, start it for us”

Justyn walked over to the end of the table.

“3, 2, 1. GO!” We both started chugging our sodas. After 10 seconds we both finished at the same time. We both burped as loud as we could, and then proceeded to laugh as we shook hands.

After that we packed up everything and cleaned up before going back to our normal business.

Slash walked over with everyone coming right after.

“Did you all have fun?” I said

Albert and Freezer started giggling.

“What did you do?”

Albert walked up and said, “We might have trapped that girl wearing the blue shirt in a hole.”

“Okay, as long as she can get out by herself”

“Oh trust me, she’ll be able to get out once the tide shifts.” Cryo replied.

I recalled everyone before checking the time. 7:30p.m. I decided to go to the fountains early to surprise Savannah. As I walked towards the fountains, I noticed Savannah was already there.

“Here so early?” I asked her as I walked towards her.

“I wanted to be here early to get myself together to talk to you about this.” She replied.

“About what?”

After taking a deep breath, “Trickster, I really really really like you, you’re my first friend in my whole life.”

“Your first friend?”

“Yes, my first friend. In school everyone didn’t like me for some reason. Darby was the only one back then that liked me and she also helped me at times. A few people had vivosaurs of their own so they would try to scare me with their Vivosaurs.” She started to cry.

I paused for a second before walking up to Savannah and hugging her.

“I was nervous about talking to you about this because I worried about what you might say.”

“I understand. You’ve been a great friend to me since our battle. You don’t have to worry about what I will say to you.”

“So Trickster..”

"No, call me Parsifal. You’re a good enough friend to call me by my actual name.”

She wiped the tears out of her eyes before saying. “So Parsifal, what I’ve been wanting to ask you is if we could be together from now on?”

“Yes, of course Savannah. After the stuff we’ve been through in these last few days, and how much you've shown me about myself, and the experiences we've had, I think it was meant to be.” After an hour of gazing at the stars, we went back to our dorms to rest.

“Chapter 14: From Red to White and not so blue” Edit

The alarm at 10:00am, set it back a little because it was late as I got home. A bright day out, I checked my paleopager, delayed due to sea storms.

"So I'm not going out to any of the other islands yet,I guess I could head off to pick up on my main roster's remaining pieces." I said out loud, checking my vivosaur fossil completion app. Crash needed his body and leg fossil, so I decided to grab that. Oddly enough, I had a neutral arm fossil from Rainbow Canyon as well that was overlooked.

Ignoring it as a mystery for later, I finish breakfast of pancakes and head to Treasure Lake. The smell of the chlorophyll, was it cut recently? Probably an Air Type vivosaur, there might be some still roaming from that Allosaurus incident I heard about a long while ago. I passed by the Bonehead Hollow, where a funny pink clothed person gazing oddly at my belt but specifically at Crash. Finally, my sonar blips as if detecting a large amount of fossils. I pick into the dirt, finding 5 fossils in the dirt. They’re all red rocks, jackpot.

“Hey Trick.”

It’s Justyn, with a smirk on his face.

“Hello Justyn, it’s been a bit. What’s up? Got another fossil to clean?”

“Actually I want to battle, I cleaned up some new companions to use.”

“Alright I accept.” It was getting boring anyway.

I sent out my team, I decided to give Dydomio, Skyla and Spike.

In reply, Justyn sent out Zanth, Giga Spinax and an Equinas.

Where’d you get these from, they seem very rare and unique?” I asked.

“I found the fossils as I fell, took a while but I managed to revive some good ones.” He grinned a little more obvious, like he knew something I didn’t.

Speed tie, but I was handed first turn.

I hit a Saichan combo, which did not confuse or seem to make a dent in his Zanth. Since that was all I could do, I ended my turn.

Justyn passed, guess he needed more points to hit.

My turn, I used Super Harden on Dydomio expecting him to try knocking it out. I then did a small hit on Equinas with Ptera, testing out his vivosaurs. Again, to no avail. I passed after that.

Justyn’s turn.

Justyn called for Equinas Dos, which one shot Dydomio. Everything grew silent, and he hit again. Zanth Tail to Ptera sent her down to the ground and back to medal. My heart dropped. I sighed as his final blow took out Saichan, and recalled the medals.

“Is something wrong? Seems you’re in awe to my power!” Justyn laughed as I stood there, seemingly enjoy my pause of disbelief and half awe. A sudden rage filled me, but I paused as my paleopager started ringing.

“Good game, I’ll catch you later sometime.” I replied, half scorn and through clenched teeth.

“Hopefully not for a rematch.” He chuckled, still pleased with my reaction as he walked off to dig up some fossils.

I picked up the Paleopager, it’s Savannah.

“Hey baby, how’s it going?” I said, wiping my head.

“I’m good, just finished cleaning up my apartment. I finally got one all for myself! Decked it out with everything I had and now I feel as if I could live here forever. Are you okay? You look as if you saw a ghost.” Savannah replied with concerned eyes.

“Oh I was out in Treasure Lake and Justyn got some powerful vivosaurs to mop me clean. He says they were found at the bottom of Rainbow Canyon.”

“Oh gosh, that’s surprising. Usually you put up a fight, guess they were just too powerful. Anyway, wanna come to Hot Spring Heights? I finally found my swim wear and this seems like a great time, also you’ve been digging A LOT. Might be time to take a load off?”

“Alright, I’ll get my stuff and join you shortly.”

I clicked it off, and headed to my dorm. I guess prodigy moved to another dormitory, guess it would be best so I don’t blow a fuse over that fight. I searched my drawer, and found my swim suits. They’re all white, so it’s not hard to pick out of them. I also packed my vest, since Ilium is supposed to be cold.

“The next helicopter doesn’t come back for a while…” Apparently all but 5 helicopters had low battery power and needed charge. I decided to take Skyla.

“Let’s spread those wings for free flying Skyla.” I said as I tossed the medal, she shook her head. “Did I get hit by a ton of bricks or something?”

“No, but close. His vivosaurs must have been stronger than I thought, can you fly to Ilium.” I nodded my head in direction of what looks to be a cold, desolate land. A nod back and we were off the ground, headed to Ilium. The clouds aren’t out so, it’s a beautiful view with a pleasantly chilling breeze. Almost zoning out, “Odd, those vivosaurs didn’t like Justyn much even though they obeyed him.” Skyla said.

“Huh, I was fooled if you ask me. Did they say much?” I replied.

“Surprisingly no, I don’t know why but they pretty much confused and blind to me as if no clue what was happening.”

“Good to know, thanks Skyla.”

Landing safely on the helipad, with only one person hanging by a snowman that looked to be ages old.

“Helis that busy, where’d you fly from?” The person asked, walking my direction.

“Ribular, which way to Hot Spring Heights?” I asked.

“It’s past the shop, by the way you could’ve waited and got on the cargo hold.” He points to a ship in the distance. “It’s probably got your inventory from your dorm too, just saying.”

Guess that’s for cup fighters who don’t like hopping islands to sleep, I shrugged it off in my head.

“Thanks for the info, I gotta go.” I started brisk walking off to the left, the geyser steam in view.

Trees and snow in the middle, geysers, tunnels and cliffs on the other. I guess this site is well known more for the hot spring than anything else.

“Hey Trick! Glad you made it.”

I felt a strong embrace on my torso. It was Savannah, hugging my right side and smiling brightly.

“Yeah I’m surprised I got here faster than expected.” My paleopager started mentioning my dormitory was now moved to Ilium, and that my apartment was a single house labeled “F4”. “I had to fly on Skyla, surprising due to how bad that Zanth smacked her.”

“Ooph, I heard Zanths were very strong. Anyway the hot spring isn’t too crowded now so it’s prime time to find a secluded area.”

She giggled a little and ushered me into the cave, which was very roomy to my surprise. There were 2 wooden changing rooms, built into the walls of the spring. Hey Trick, don’t take long.” She sang as I opened the door to the changing room, I tossed my day wear into my backpack as I put on a black swim shirt and white shorts. Leaving my bag on the rack as I notice she’s already soaking her feet in the spring to the far right, lavender roses flourish on her bikini with azure everywhere else.

“She looks stunning…” I thought as I walked over. I sat right next to her, dipping my feet one by one. The water was very soothing and warm in contrast to the few winter blasts from the entrance every so often.

“I remember the first time we met, still handsome as ever Trick.” She held my hand, I can tell she’s insistent on making an impression on me. I started blushing a little as I replied, “Yeah, even though it was that far back. You’re still both cute and pretty, I never see a moment where the sun doesn’t shine the right way on you.” She smiled and nuzzled to my arm, and we sat there for a split but pure second. “Oh right! We should probably soak up some before it gets crowded.” She giggled and dropped into the spring. “Coming Trick?” 

I slid off and relaxed on the side of the spring, taking in the water a little. The pool we were in was surprisingly deep, 3 people could play “Shark” here if they wanted. I looked up as I realized Savannah wasn’t around, wondering if she grabbed something. Realizing too late that she was submerged, I felt my leg and I get pulled underwater. As I submerged, Savannah was both laughing and giggling.

“You’re adorable when surprised.” I started joining in on the laughter until she paused and screamed.

“Trick did you hit your head under there? I’m so sorry are you okay?”

“No wh-“ I didn’t even finish my sentence until I realized what happened. Somehow the water had caused my hair dye to fade out, making it appear to be blood. I started blushing and stuttering,

“W-well, uh real quick fun fact about me. My hair isn’t naturally red..” I said as I noticed the entire pool was red.

“What color is it then?” Savannah raised an eyebrow, seemingly very curious to the mystery.

I pulled myself out of the spring, and grabbed my towel, and started drying out my hair as she followed me out. When it was finally done, she gazed as if in awe.

“Your hair is pure white?!”

“Y-yeah, I don’t like it that much to be honest. It’s fine, I got ha-“

“Oh my goodness! You’re so handsome, I love this color! Why would you hide this?!” She was smiling with a twinkle in eye, clearly enamored by the change.

“You like it?”

“Yes!! Who wouldn’t? It’s unique and fits you perfectly to be honest!” She sung out.

“Hey! Is everything okay in there?” An older Caliosteo park deputy bounded in, noticing the red tint in the spring.

“Yeah everything’s perfect! Well, except for the spring. That’s red hair color, nothing special.” Savannah replied, holding my hand and nuzzling to my arm.

“Ah okay. Well if it was you who had the hair dye lad, you have some mighty fine snow locks!” I started blushing, harder as Savannah giggled and the ranger bellowed a hardy laugh. “I have to get a janitor to clean this, sorry but you love bugs gotta skedaddle.”

We nodded and changed into clean attire, rushing back to town. “Should we go to your place to take care of the rest of that hair dye?”

“Yeah, I also want to change into some clean not hair dyed swim wear.” I say as I look down to my now red and white wave-striped trousers, the outcome of expensive hair dye.

We both laugh a little, and I unlock my door.

The home was more roomy than anticipated, a queen sized bed in the corner sitting by the desk. All my stuff from Ribular was packed up back in my suitcases, ready to be delved into. I picked up the closest one. Bathroom supplies, I placed everything into the white slate corridor. Toothbrush on the left side, and bottle of shampoo and conditioner to the right of the tub.

“Do you need help unpacking? By the way did you get your own room, seems this is all labeled yours.” Savannah asked. I popped out my head, she was lying on the couch.

“Yeah sure, and I guess? I haven’t seen much of my roommates so maybe. It seems like it’s a bit more spacious minus in here.” I pointed into the bathroom as I picked up the largest of the suitcases. Pants and undergarments, I sighed in relief that I chose this one and not her. 

“Maybe I could get my dorm arrangements changed so we could live together? Hey Parsy do you need these anymore?” Savannah giggled out the sentence as she pulled out 5 scarlet hair dye bottles.

“I don’t think so after what happened prior, and I wouldn’t mind that at all as long as we don’t share a toothbrush.”

“Oh god no, I have my own.” I laughed, and she began laughing with me as she put my hair brushes together and other cosmetics on the nightstand as I put everything in my suitcase in the top drawer.

Eventually we were done tidying up, I sat on the couch with Savannah.

“So uh, what do we do now?” I asked, her already clamoring towards me.

“Well…” she faded off, slowly inching up to my chest. I shivered as I felt her hand go up my back and her weight shifted into mine. She advanced further, probably noticing my blush as her hand went up my shoulder. It moved from there to my neck, then cheek where she lay it. Those seconds, felt like hours as we locked eyes, before she finally broke the silence

“We might want to tend to that hair before it’s out of style again.” She giggled, twiddling my long white hair in her fingers.

“Uh, r-right.” I stuttered and laughed as she grabbed a brush and comb, along with a chair to the middle of the room so I could sit. Beginning to straight so it was easier to style it, I felt we might be there a while, she’s being very methodical with my hair. 

“Is there any specific way you like it styled?” She asked, working around the back of my neck where my hair was more lush but wild. 

“Eh not that I care to remember, just don’t cut it.” I replied with a little gratitude in my voice, wondering what she might think of for this mane I have.

She then moved on to the sides, where my ears were and brushed down. I could hear her shuffling through the few brushes and combs I have before humming

“What’s this?” She rustled a bit and showed me what she found, a pair of glasses. My glasses from before I came to the islands, not sure how they got with my hair products of all things.

“They’re my glasses, I-“ she cut me off.

“Ooh, what do you look like in them?!” She said, scrambling to dust them off and put them on me.

“I don’t really remember, I took them off and asked for contacts when people in my class started calling me a nerd all the time.”

She nodded, letting me know she listened as she continued to put the glasses on my face whilst replying. “Aww, bullying is never a good thing. I would kno-“ she trailed off looking at me in what appeared to be awe.

“Oh my… wow…w- I- uh” She was stuttering hard.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah you’re just.. so cute in those glasses. I bet everyone was jealous, I know I probably still would be head over heels. Oh, this gives me an idea! It’s perfect since you have wavy hair!” 

She squealed with brush and glasses in hand as she began to brush my hair. Beginning at the sides, she brushed them out so my face was clearly visible and brushed them so it was neat and tidy. Dropping the brush, I noticed a few swipes to my hairline with a smile. 

“And the final touch..” She said, putting the glasses on my face. “Done! Go look and see.” She said, blushing and giggling at the same time. I got up and looked in the mirror behind me, and couldn’t believe what I saw. My hair was long, wavy and straight with a few loose but cute hairs resting on my glasses. I looked like a famous unique writer, and I loved it so much.

“Were you into hair styling? This is amazing, I feel amazing and look stunning…” I trailed off, marveling at the look.

“It also looks more unique and more you instead of what your other outfit looked.” She smiled, hugging me. 

Abruptly, I could hear a banging by the curtain and a cold breeze. It was a snow storm, no going out for the night. I turned to Savannah and said.

“Hey, do you need to get to your dorm or do you want to stay the night?” I asked.

“May I stay please? When we were at Cranial there were some mean people next door and I don’t wanna get hurt.” She was baby voicing me pleadingly, it was adorable and I didn’t want her to be sad. She’s my girlfriend after all, it can’t be bad at all can it?

“Yeah I don’t mind at all but do you have comfortable clothing to sleep in?” I said, smiling.

She nodded, moving to her bag from the pool with a full pink dinosaur footie coming out of it.

I moved to the TV installed into the dorm, wondering if maybe some movies are played on it or just Cup fights. Alas, I put on channel 34. It’s about Caliosteo dig sites, this one being Icegrip Plateau. Apparently it’s the next dig site we can go to since it’s now semifinals.

Finally, Savannah sat right next to me on the bed and started talking.

“You know, Justyn was acting weird last time I talked to him…”

“Yeah, I noticed as he so arrogantly told me to get good.” I said attempting to hide my anger with him.

“You’ll win next time, I know it.” She kissed me on the cheek and we curled up to continue watching it, her outfit and her hair in a ponytail being adorable as ever. After the main program, it went through to details on a few pay-to-dig sites opening finally.

“I might look at a few of them soon.” I thought. “Should have good vivosaurs there.” 

Eventually we both fell asleep, tired from all the commotion.

Chapter 15: Snow bones to pick with Edit

I woke up with Savannah held close my chest as I opened my eyes.

She’s so beautiful when she sleeps….

I’m going to beeline a request to get us both in the same room.“

Good morning Savannah. I said, wrapping my arms around her.

She raised her head, and smiled while replying. “I was hoping we would from the start.” She smiled, climbing up to eye level.

I smiled in response and we started kissing, seemingly for an eternity. Her lips warm and heavenly… I started blushing as I pulled away, still holding her close to me.

“Oh! How about we make breakfast.” Savannah beamed at me, pulling me up.

“Yeah that sounds great right now.” I replied, smiling. She pulled out a few fruits and started cutting as I got the pans, and cooked up the eggs.

By the time the food was done, I could hardly wait. Bacon and eggs, a small side of pancakes with a bowl of fruit each.

“That hit the spot, I almost forgot how food you make always hits the spot.” I said, sitting down next to Savannah after washing my plate.

“Yeah. It’s been a while since I prepared food, it’s nice and you were amazing with the oven.”

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“Hey, let’s go to Icegrip! We have a long time here ahead of us so.” She smiled, kissing me on my nose.

“Us? As in together.” I replied, shocked she doesn’t wanna do something on her own somewhere.

“Yeah.. I wanna go with you to dig up fossils and get a few new vivosaurs with you in the next dig site. It’s also rather cold, so we can sport some new gear together and explore."

I smiled and kissed her cheek. “Let’s get going.”

She blushed hard back as she nodded. We both got up, and went into one of the 3 smaller rooms of our dormitory. Dang Joe, how grand did you make these dorms anyway? I opened up my snow set, which I was dared to buy online. I was thankful that I read up on the islands before leaving unprepared, would probably not have been able to dig deeper within this glacier of an island.

I pulled out snow pants and a very long, black cloak-like vest. I made it when I was younger, it has a white tethered cape like that of some kind of Halloween ghost, with black fur by my wrists. My gloves were grey with black hand-like bone aesthetics. For a ghoulish outfit, it’s very warm. And with my white hair, it looks amazing. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought these clothes from NickNack.Net but they are very stylish and effective it seems. I opened the door, dropping my clothes in the hamper as I sat down to wait for Savannah.

“How does this work? I haven’t opened it at all, I ordered it from NickNack.Net.” She started to open the door as she asked.

“You too? He makes very… festive attire. What did you order from….” I stared as she turned the corner, with a bright smile on her face.

Her outfit was entirely black, with feathers rimming her hood. Her sleeves were very long, almost wing like with feathers to boot. White spots patterned it all, giving it the look of a snowy night.

“W-wow… My god, you look beautiful.” I said, almost awestruck by her beauty.

“You really like it? I thought it was a bit tacky at first, but he made it very well.”

“Of course, it brings out your hair and eyes. It’s stunning!” I smiled, standing up.

“How do I look?” I smiled, spinning for effect.

“My my, a ghostly outfit.” She said, giggling. “Adorable, and fitting for a ‘Trickster’.”

We both laughed.

“Well, shall we get going?” I replied, holding out my hand.

She smiled, and grabbed my hand. “Certainly fine sir, it’d be my honor.” She giggled, flushed red as if we were outside already.

Luckily, there wasn’t such a heavy storm as last night as we headed out to Icegrip Plateau. Thankfully, these costumes were made for their labeled purpose.

“Wow it sure is beautiful, and white like your handsome head of hair.” She said, looking around a little ahead of my pace.

“Are you cold?”

She nodded, stopping so I can catch up. This glacier is massive, as if Antarctica had a child. The winds blowing snow like dust over a dirty road when a car pulls over it.

I put my hands to her cheeks and smiled.

“Hey, what’s that?” She said, pointing to further into the site.

I turned to the right, and bam! Hit with a handful of snow.

“Hehe, bet you can’t catch me!” She giggled triumphantly, running ahead whilst scooping up another handful of snow.

“Maybe but I’m gonna try!” I yelled back excitedly, grabbing a handful.

The snow packed perfectly, as if designed to make snowballs with. I started running, tailing Savannah’s quick pace. She tossed a snowball behind her, trying to slow me down. I raised my hand, blocking the snowball but not some of the snow from spraying in my face. I quickly tossed a snowball back at her.

“Hey, who taught you to aim? That’s no fair, you clearly played baseball before this!” She giggled, dusting off her shoulder whilst turning around to reveal 2 snowballs in each of her hands.

“Snowball barrage!” She shrieked excitedly, lobbing all of them directly at me, hitting me in my chest, arms, and face.

“And you call that fair?” I laughed, tossing another at her shoulder.

“Of course, cause girls always win.” She smirked, ready with 2 more snowballs.

I put my hands up and charged as she lobbed them right at me, and I grabbed her in a hug.

We both started tumbling in the snow and laughing, then panting as the fight took a lot out of us.

“Hey, that’s a cave.” I said, looking behind Savannah as she brushed herself off.

“Ooh, let’s go look inside!” Her eyes sparkled as she yanked me along, even though I’m willing to follow her anywhere she’d take me.

“I’ve never seen anything like this…” Savannah gazed at the ceiling as we peered in, ice on the ground and icicles, light shimmering when the rays hit each.

“Hard to believe this is a fossil park for battling dinosaurs when it’s so pretty when you think about it.” I said, smiling as I took the opportunity to wrap my arms around her.

Without any warning, a hand grab and threw me to the side. I started sliding to the side, and a sharp pain in my back as I collided with a rock.

“Ah god, that hurt. What just happened?” I got up, slowly because it was a pain to get up. A guy greeted me, blonde hair and robust figure.

“Trick are you oka- Oh my god help!” She screamed as he rushed up and grabbed her, hauling him away on her shoulder.

“This is what happens when you mess with me! You think you’re so slick to get away with blowing up our base? Now you get to freeze to death!” He said, gritted teeth as he struggled to keep hold of Savannah.

”Who is this guy, what’s happening? And what’s this base he’s talking? Doesn’t matter, he’s not getting away with Savannah.

“I might freeze, but you’re not getting away with Savannah!” I said, ramming directly into his back. He and I both were thrown to the ice, it cracking while Savannah lands in the snow of the entrance.

“Nodo, take care of this kid.” He said, tossing out his Nodo. It snarled at me as I grabbed my medal.

“Savannah, run! Albert, I need yo-“ it slammed right into me before I could toss my medal, my body colliding with the wall it dropped on the ground and Albert came out.

I cried out as I could feel my right arm, back and legs feel seethed with pain when I tried to move. I tried to get up, no good. I tried to move my legs, they seared with pain.“Albert, make sure Savannah is-“ I spurted out, and then all I saw was black.

Is Savannah safe? Am I… alive? I struggled to move against the blackness, it was no good. As if I was just floating there, waiting for something….

a white flash. I covered my eyes, and….

“I’m alive?” I said, as my eyes trailed the ceiling patterns, and then paused on a white cast.

“Yes, and it’s good to see that you’re conscious so soon Parsifal.” An unfamiliar but warm voice said. I sat up and turn to see a doctor, white coat, black hair in an odd ponytail.

“Two of your friends brought you in on a Ptera, thank goodness they brought you so fast. You have a broken arm, and badly bruised legs. By the way, my name is Doctor D. I’m assuming the Ptera was yours since they left it here, and I do have to say I saw how fast it went and I think you beat Joe by a long shot.”

“Is Savannah okay? We were ambushed by a crazy fighter, and my girlfriend was being chased by him.” I started getting up slowly.

“Yes she’s perfectly fine, other than a few scrapes and a bruise she was unharmed. I patched her up but she refused to leave, so she’s waiting outside. Parsifal, can I call you Parry? Regardless, you need to relax for a little.” He said, starting to walk up.

“No, I’m alright. I want to see if Savannah is okay, and then I’ll come back.” I shook my head, leaning my hand on the wall.

“Alright, but I’m going to walk with you just to make sure you get there alright.”

I nodded, my legs still in pain but not as bad as before. He opened the door with a smile as I walked up to it. The pain was overwhelming, but… I kept going. Why? I could’ve easily been wheeled or asked her to be sent in. But at the same time, I’d rather make the journey myself… As if some flame is fueling my will to go.

A vivosaur started trotting over as to catch me. It started blocking the way as it moved up slowly.

“Don’t worry Pacro, he’s fine. Mind bringing me some painkillers, any of the OTCs will do.”

The orange vivosaur nodded, and stepped aside to let us pass.

I turned to the corner to see Savannah sitting there, waiting for any news on me. A few bandages on her hands, and one on her cheek but no casts or stitches thank god. Wait, who was the other guy?

“Parsifal!” Savannah cried out as she ran into my arms. I could feel her tears drip on my shoulder as I held her to my chest as close as possible.

“I’m so glad you’re okay, I wouldn’t know what to do if I woke up in a hospital bed without you by my side…” I said, choking out the words as I held her tightly to my chest.

“I’ll give you both a little time to catch up.” He said, trailing down the hall to another patient as we sat down on the couch.

“You’re not hurt right?” I said, my hand where the bandage was on her cheek.

“Yeah I’m okay, I’m more concerned if he will come back. And what he was talking about…” She trailed off.

“Talked about? What do you mean?”

“Parsy, have you been living a double life?” She said, looking at me.

“No why, what did he say I did?” I tilted my head. Who was he anyway? Why did he attack us, next time we meet I’m going to find out that’s for sure.

“He said that beating you down was only the least bit of how angry he was..” she looked around nervously, “for blowing up the base his group is in.”

“A base? Is he insane?! I would have no idea where to even get that many explosions anyway.” I said, actually shocked. “Isn’t there only one group of those BareBones freakos?”

“Apparently not.” Savannah replied, turning away. “He said that the cameras showed a white haired kid planting them, and swore to get revenge. Rick said he’d be back soon, he was in the area after your Berto decimated his Nodos and drove him off.” She handed me his medal, along with Skyla’s. “I had to use her, she’s faster than Comet, my Nycto Ace. Rick was in the area, he tagged along and helped me carry you in. I asked him to get a change of clothes for each of us, but it’s been about 3 hours. He might be getting food, I almost thought his stomach started talking from where I was sitting.”

“That dude does whatever he wants eh?” I replied, hoping to lighten the mood. She smiled and nodded, still leaning on me.

“Look, I don’t know what is going on. First Justyn gets a bunch of strong vivosaurs and ridicules me, and then we get attacked by some guy from a group? It has to be someone plotting against us, or even just me. I want to know why, but even if I never find out I would rather us pull through it and stick together instead of rush head on into some underground fossil ring.”

I wrapped my arm around her and she smiled, starting to cuddle right up to me on the couch.

“Hey Pars! Great to see you’re already up.” Rick said, sitting on the couch, 1 giant bag in each hand.

“Yeah, I almost thought I was dead for a second.” I replied.

“Did you get our clothing changes?” Savannah asked, still holding my hand as if I was going to fall off a cliff.

“Yeah.” He said, pulling out a sandwich from one bag and passing Savannah the other bag.

“Thank you, we really… why is there food in this bag too?” She turned and glared sharply at Rick.

“Look under the food, put the clothing on the bottom.” He said, mouth full of his sandwich.

She snapped back and lifted tins after tins of food, potatoes, burgers, a bunch of potatoes…. Why so many potatoes? And a few other plates until we found our clothes in the very bottom.

“I woke up last night, so I took the liberty of packing some outfits in bags just in case we needed to change quickly before nodding off again.” She said, grabbing her bag and pulling me up.

I held onto mine with my cast, surprisingly lightweight now that I feel it.

Stepping into the bathroom, I sat and dressed into the lightweight but stylish clothes, white t-shirt and grey sweatshorts. I looked in my other hand, Skyla and Albert both shining glistening under the fluorescent light.

“Thanks, both of you for saving my life.” I smiled. These vivosaurs are all like family… You give them love and they help you out, no wonder my parents had fun back in their time.

I stepped out and sat down, Savannah still changing. I looked at the cast, white as day, with a pink heart drawn on the inside with the initials “S+P <3 ”.

“Yo, you alright? It’s great you’re up and all but, you seem shook after that.” Rick said, opening up another tin of potatoes.

“Yeah, I just… have a lot of questions after all that.” I replied.

I looked at all the food, and noticed a chicken salad in the midst of it all. “Are you gonna eat all of this food?”

“Nah, take some. I bought excess ‘cause we’ve been waiting a few.”

Immediately, I grabbed the salad. I took a bite, and the taste buds seemed to dance on my tongue like a lush vegetarian diet, and the chicken like just off the grill.

“Ah I see you’re eating just fine, that’s good.” Doctor D. said as he stepped in with his Pacro.

“It seems you’re feeling better, you had one ride huh?”

“Yeah, surprisingly it doesn’t hurt too badly.”

“Well if it starts hurting, then just take one of these painkillers.” He handed me a bottle of painkillers, which I pocketed. Well I got another patient in right now, you’re all clear to go.” He said, walking off into the hall.

“Rick, did you really have to get all of this food.” She said, staring back at Rick. He was already done with 4 of the potato plated as he nodded, mouth was too full to talk.

She sat next to me, leaning on me.

“Hungry?” I said, grabbing a fruit salad from the batch. She nodded, opening it up and pulling out a plastic fork.

“Don’t worry Savannah, it’ll all be okay.” I said, finished with my salad and tossing the container in the trash. “I’m gonna go clean out my case of rocks and then we can go home and have a day off the field” I kissed her head, “just join me when you’re done.”

She nodded, but said. “Are you sure you can walk there on your own.”

“Yeah, the only thing that broke was my hand, not my legs. Heck, maybe they can integrate a new hand in me.”

She giggled, and kissed me on the lips as I got up. God, it feels like the first time…. I love her so much.

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