TSS Krona


BTK Altis Shipping


Crude oil tanker


(calculating) GT
(calculating) NT
531,504 DWT


74,001 long tons light ship
601,202 long tons full load


1,430.1 feet - 435,9 metres


Steam turbine; 45,000(?) shp


9 knots - 10 mph



Twin screw steamer Krona is a double-hulled ultra large crude carrier that appears in White Flower. Possessing a displacement of 601,202 long tons fully laden and measuring just over 1,430 feet, she is among the longest and heaviest ships ever.


TSS Krona is the star ship of the BTK Altis Shipping company convoy, a role her smaller cousins TSS Steinman and TSS Reach filled in turn before they were run aground and sunk by an anti-ship missile, respectively. Her size, power and reliability have made her a symbol of sorts for the enterprise, which lost business and trust due to the accidents that claimed Steinman and Reach. She is accompanied on voyages by heavy-lift vessel Alto, destroyer Spinax and armed merchantmen Paris and RomaSSCV Regis and FSO Cheirus are also considered members of the usual convoy, though they are moored and stationary at Ribular Island.


Krona, along with Steinman and Reach, was constructed by BTKAS solely to transport crude oil from its point of extraction to the Caliosteo Islands. However, she remained moored at a port in Florida until tragedies claimed both of her single-hulled, smaller, less sturdy sister ships. Her reputation as a reliable vessel helped BTKAS regain the trust it had lost from consumers and other tanking companies, and was tasked with travelling to other destinations shortly after she became the linchpin of the enterprise.

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