This is a short story different than that of Storm's Brewing.


"You can never detect certain disasters until the last minute. Like earthquakes. Or freak zombie attacks."~Kronos, an Absol

2nd IntroductionEdit

The black mist sifted through the young Fossil Fighter's room. Which vivosaur shall it possess? It smiled cruelly, and the gray Dino Medal shuddered and shook, until the vivosaur inside had changed completely.

1st Chapter:What happened to Sylvia?Edit

I yawned, pleasantly napping, faintly aware of a tapping, like a rapping, a rapping on my bedroom door. "Snooze... Oh, hai, Rainbow Dash... Wuts that? You gots a Reshiram? Wait a second, isn't that a Dinomaton?... You're fading away, Falco..." I woke up to find my Aopteryx, Sylvia, staring at me. Only it didn't look like Sylvia. Black mist tumbled from her head feathers, and the tail had completely morphed into a spiral of fog. And her claws were GLOWING a faint black. During most thunderstorms, Kronos-my Absol-'s head scythe flickered gray. But this was something wholly unreal. It reminded me of some Pokèmon, the strongest one... Something like Omega Meowdos. Zeus was a prankster, so I flipped his Dino Medal. "What did you do to Sylvia?" I demanded. V-Raptors were the most honest of all the vivosaurs. He looked shocked at Sylvia. "I didn't do a thing! But I swear I saw some mysterious mist last night when I wanted to pour ice cubes down Slasher's feathers. (Slasher was my Tryma.) When I tried to investigate, I saw it circling Sylvia's Dino Medal. Then it attacked me. See." I noticed scars on his claws. Very strange indeed...