Sternus is a Fire element Vivosaur based on the dinosaur Lilliensternus. It boasts a wealth of skills that poison the opponent.

Appearance Edit

Sternus has a red body with green stripes running down its back. It has a small frill on either side of its neck, and a crest over each of its eyes. Sternus also has blue eyes with yellow pupils, and a row of small spikes on its tail.

Info Edit

Skills Edit

Toxic Bite: 50% chance of poison, 50 FP, 27 Attack

Poisonous Bash: 75% chance of poison, 35 FP, 12 Attack

Venom Pulse: 100% chance of gold poison, 120 FP, 56 Attack

Enflame: Boosts attack, 30 FP

Team Skill: Sternus Rage: 50% of poison, 230 FP, 105 Attack

Description Edit

This red demon wields multiple poison-inducing skills. However, its moderate Accuracy makes its attacks likely to miss.

Fossilary Edit

This Dilophosaurus relative is small, but deadly.

Stats (At Rank 20) Edit

Attack: 75

Defense: 40

Accuracy: 35

Speed: 60

LP: 156

Support Effects (At Rank 20) Edit

Attack: Up 50%

Defense: Same

Accuracy: Up 25%

Speed: Up 50%

Ability Edit

Toxic Spine: 25% chance of poisoning opponent upon being attacked

Strategy Edit

Put in the SZ, and pair with Dilopho and Coelo. Use Enflame on the first turn. Then, use Venom Pulse on all opponents to whittle down their LP over time. Then, wait for enough FP to build up and use Sternus Rage, effectively defeating all opposing vivosaurs.

Trivia Edit

  • Dilopho's design in Fossil Fighters Frontier is very similar to the design of Sternus.
  • Sternus is an effective sweeper when used correctly;However, it will often be defeated early if not.
  • Despite Sternus many poison inducing skills, there is NO scientific evidence of Lilliensternus having venom.