Gender: Male
Age: 13-14 Years (Mid Teens)
Birthday: May 4th
Specialty Type: Lightning
Starter Vivosaur: Volt (Monolo)
Likes: Vivosaurs, Rosie, Jade, Alex
Dislikes: Chaos, Anarchy, The BB Bandits
Rivals: Gunnar, Gunner, Gunther, Magnar, Dune, Randall, Jay, Storm

Seth is the main protagonist of Fossil Fighters: Ultra. Seth is the one who ultimately defeats the BB Bandits, the Magnites and the Descendants of Gunash.

Vivosaur Team (bench)Edit

Image Vivosaur Species Personality Stone Evoloution (& Elements)
TBA Volt Monolo Volt was Seth's first vivosaur. The two of them share a bond unlike any other of Seth's vivosaurs. Volt is usually shy, but during the heat of a battle Volt can be quite arrogant and obnoxious. When Seth leveled up Volt while using the power stone, Volt became almost twice as strong. Volt is Seth's most used and beloved vivosaur. Power Stone & Element Stone - Lightning-Air
TBA Tyraqua Tyranno Tyraqua is Seth's most powerful vivosaur. It was crucial to helping Seth become a level five fighter. Tyraqua is very loud and mean to Seth's other vivosaurs. Though, in a battle, Tyraqua can become quite cowardly. When Tyraqua was leveled up while using the element stone, it gained electric abilities and became more immune to the element. Power Stone & Element Stone - Water-Lightning
TBA Clawdaddy Alxas Clawdaddy was bought from the shop around the time he got Tyraqua. Clawdaddy helped Seth during the fight against Jay's array of legendary vivosaurs. Clawdaddy is a silent but deadly kind of vivosaur. In battle, it can blow enemies away with it's Triple Claw skill. When Clawdaddy was leveled up while using the element stone, it gained some fire abilities. Clawdaddy is often put in vivosaur beauty contests and usually wins. Element Stone - Water-Fire
TBA Frostbyte Legendary Cryo Frostbyte was Seth's first legendary vivosaur. Frostbyte helped Seth defeat Jay, Storm and Spartacus. Frostbyte constantly annoying Tyraqua which explains why he has scars on his chest. Frostbyte sticks up for his other vivosaur pals when Tyraqua is mean to them. In battle, Frostbyte destroys all competition without a second thought. Frostbyte has no need for Element or Power Stones because he is just that powerful. ??? - Water-Legendary
TBA Pyromaniac Legendary Dacerus Pyromaniac was Seth's second legendary vivosaur. Pyromaniac helped Seth defeat Gunnar, Gunner and Gunther. Pyromaniac is kind of crazy, always risking the well being of Seth's other vivosaurs. Pyromaniac can still be caring and helpful though, also, it seems to have a rivalry with Frostbyte. In battle, Pyromaniac helps his teammates out while they defend it while it boost's up it's legendary sizzle move. Pyromaniac has a power level that rivals Frostbyte. ??? - Fire-Legendary
TBA Tremble Gigant Tremble is Seth's smartest vivosaur. Tremble carried Seth through the first battle with Jay. Brave and courageous, Tremble has no fear (except vacuum cleaners). Tremble frightens most of Seth's other vivosaurs, so he only has Volt as a friend. In battle, Tremble makes the earth crumble with the usage of it's Mountain Crash skill. When Seth leveled Tremble up while using the element stone, Tremble became swifter and smarter. Element Stone - Earth-Air
Quickshadow V-Raptor Quickshadow was Seth's second vivosaur. Quickshadow was crucial to helping Seth get his fighters license. Quickshadow is very fast-paced and was friends with Scorcher and Volt. Quickshadow is very hard to defeat in battle because of his poison skills. One of the two vivosaurs that Seth had that weren't evolved with a Element or Power Stone, the other being Scorcher. Ultimately sacrificed itself to save Seth. Air
Scorcher Yango Scorcher was Seth's third vivosaur. Scorcher was just as involved as Quickshadow was in getting Seth his fighters license. Scorcher is short-tempered and it can get quite mad, but it has good intentions. Scorcher is quite brutal in battle, and if Seth forfeits a battle, he will literally have to pry Scorcher away from the battle. One of the two vivosaurs that Seth had that weren't evolved with a Element or Power Stone, the other being Quickshadow. Ultimately sacrificed itself to save Seth. Fire


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