This page explains the items I created in the making the Secrets Trilogy.

Secret of the Key

Secrets Trilogy Characters

Empathy RingsEdit

The most expensive item you can buy from the shop. It costs 1 billion G. They're made out of a Colossal Ruby and pure gold. To the left side of the ruby is the first initial of the person who bought the ring. To the right of the ruby is the first initial of the person the second ring is going to. These rings must be worn by two different people. They alert the other when in distress. It also lets you know where the other is at all times.

People with the Rings

Mark bought a pair for him and Rosie

Jocelyn bought a pair for her and Victoria

Dylan bought a pair for him and Rupert

Silvia bought a pair for her and Dino

Dina Jr. bought a pair for her and Todd Jr.

Bluebird bought a pair for him and Ryne

Teleport MistEdit

Teleport mist is something I didn't come up with. I just came up with the name for it. It's the light blue fog that is used as the teleporting animation in the original Fossil Fighters. Dinurians have an advanced version that can move more freely.

Morph MistEdit

This is similar to teleport mist. This was invented by the dinurians. It morphs any living human into a dinurian. It's also what allows them to morph to their battle form.

Walkie WatchEdit

A video chat watch used by the Defenders of the peace to communicate over large distances.

Tournament of the YearEdit

It's not an item but I came up with this. It's a Fossil Battling tournament where the grand prize is that you may create your own Vivosaur. Ryne (creator of Salada) wins the first time. Bluebird wins the next two. Bluebird will be introduced in Secret of the Skull which is the sequel to Secret of the Key.