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Rosie's cousin. Heir to Vivosaur Island. Defender of the Peace. Grew up fossil battling under the care of his grandfather along with his cousin, Rosie. He has a strong sense of determination like his cousin. He is also extremely funny. At the age of thirteen he became a Defender of the Peace.


Rupert's twin brother.Defender of the Peace. He is very clumsy. Unlike his brother, he has a positive outlook. As a little kid he climbed a VMM and accidentally pressed the teleport button. The.teleport tunnel, however, was broken and he wound up on Rivet Ravine. He has been raised by the Mole Brothers his whole life. At the age of eight he became a Fossil Fighter and at thirteen became a Defender of the Peace.


Saurhead's niece. Defender of the Peace. She's a major cynic. Grew up under the care of Saurhead on Vivosaur Island. When she was ten she took a helicopter to the Caliosteo Fossil Park, where she remained until she was thirteen when she joined the Defenders of the Peace.

Victoria the DinurianEdit

The opposite of normal Victoria. Her Dinurian personality is much like Starfire from the Teen Titans. This Victoria is usually always happy.


Dino's sister. Defender of the Peace. Grew up along with her brother in the care of their father Kent, staff leader on Illium Island. A fossil fighter since the age of seven. Silvia is a quick thinker. Calm in emergencies. A brilliant fighter. She become a Defender of the Peace at the age of thirteen.


Stella's daughter. Defender of the Peace. She's extremely shy. Much of her past is unknown. She became a Defender of the Peace at thirteen.


Ryne's best friend. Winner of the second and third Tournament of the Year and creator of the Vivosaurs: Silver and Gold. He loves Fossil Battling and cares deeply about his friends.