New Savannah




16 Years Old



Starter Vivosaur:


Vivosaurs on Hand:

Tarbo (Silver Arms fossil) , Nodo (Silver Body fossil), Blitzigon , Nycto Ace, V-Raptor, (Silver Legs Fossil)


Igua, Compso, Zanth, Stego, Oloro, Spinax, Aeros, Daspleto, Dilopho, Parium, Sopteryx


Midnight strolls, taking the helicopter from Isle to Isle (viewing the sights from above the clouds), Trickster


Mosquitoes, Thieves, High places (Semi Acrophobia TBD by the creator) taunting

Early LifeEdit

Savannah's early life was very difficult. She had to move schools 2 times due to a massive bullying issue in the town she was in. She was also diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which was fuel to the kids whom picked on her. However when her mother gave her Darby, a vicious but protective Tarbo, that all changed. Though her bullying ended almost immediately, it impacted her greatly. She isolated herself most of the time due to her being mistrustful of most other classmates, and didn't do amazingly in studies other than Social Studies courses and English courses, where she excelled greatly. She eventually heard about Caliosteo from her father, whom suggested she go there to compete due to her very close bond with vivosaurs. She wasn't all lonely, as Darby and a few other vivosaurs handed down to her by some family members helped her get a few "friends" to hang with. She also is a family girl, so she had strong relations with her family and would help them whenever possible. Since she didn't really have any friends, she relied on her family and vivosaurs for social bonds and lessons, even if it was family activities.


Savannah is a very awkward individual. Not in the sense of immediate, she can easily be put in social situations just fine. However, she doesn't want to be in huge crowds if anyone at all. She prefers to stay out of spotlight, though still desires a strong connection. She also has no clue what to do on the island other than clean, battle, repeat. A lost soul if you will, After meeting Parsifal however, she finds that connection she needs. It helps her become even more driven, and selfless. She'll help anyone out that clearly needs it, and becomes more outgoing. She also learns how to love from Parsy, and develop bonds with people. She seemed to finally be breaking out of her shell, and refuses to let anyone hurt the ones that were indirectly and directly helping.

Tactics Edit

Savannah's strategy in combat begins as reckless since she isn't well attuned to fossil battles. Later once her roster and knowledge increases, it revolves around high support skill vivosaurs to increase her vivosaurs stats. Furthermore, she likes to save up FP and poke at your defenses before hitting where it hurts.

Relations with other characters Edit

Parsifal: Lost to him on round 1, eventually become best friends and then lovers. Eventually finds out about Trickster's self-consciousness about his natural white hair and helps him overcome it.

Justyn Eventually become friends after a massive falling out between Trickster and him.