Rugo Air Type (Based on Rugops) Edit

Description Edit


It's low accuracy at low ranks means that you should rank it up before using it. It also is most notable for it's enrage skills, which can help in a pinch.

Stats (At Rank 12) Edit

Attack: 72

Defense: 35

Accuracy: 28

Evasion: 18

Support Effects (Applied to own AZ) Edit

Attack: +20%

Defense: -10%

Accuracy: -40%

Evasion: -20%

Skills Edit

Rugo Bite Edit

60 FP

92 Attack

Rugo Smash Edit

170 FP

122 Attack

Rugo Fury Edit

280 FP

152 Attack

Hurricane (Team Skill) Edit

300 FP

150 Attack

Enflame Edit

50 FP

Raises Attack