Fossil is 15 years old and is 6 foot 1 inch tall.  He has medium-length red hair and Light gray eyes that are more offten then not covered by sunglasses. he wears a black t-shirt covered by a white sweat jacket along with baggy jeans and more often then not you can find him enjoying himslef with loud music that he carries on his MP3 at all times. he has a very aggresive personality which often leads him to make rash choices getting him and his friends hurt,

After quitting pliminary school (at the age of 10 ) he decided that he would wander for a while never staying in one place long picking up odd jobs here and there untill he caught news about the cup. at the age of 16 


his child hood was perfect he came from a loving home and had an amazing older brother, altho they had a stable home life he never felt at home. he hated school with every fiber of his being. deciding that he would drop out. and he did. knowing that this is now what his mother wanted for him he decided to leave home and find somthing that mad him happy. 


Robert's Battle Icon, as done by Lepa Ayan


He's heading for the cup