The Ribular Island Soda Shoppe is a popular ice cream parlor and internet café in the fanon universe of Storm's Brewing.


The Soda Shoppe opened in the late 2000's by a pair of ex-BB Bandits. Brigade members bought it out in 2011, and used it as a cover operation for intelligence gathering.

On opening day, Rubicon and Celestial swung by to check it out. Not finding anything appetizing on the menu, Celestial asked for a Root Beer with two pumps of Vanilla Coffee Creamer. The resulting drink, called a Double Derps in her honor, is still available on request.

Physical DescriptionEdit

It has a very retro atmosphere. The shop has ceckerboard tiling, red stools, and a true-to-life Crosley Jukebox in the back corner. Young Fighters love it.

Role in FicsEdit

  • The Soda Shoppe is a favorite haunt of Rubicon's, and he'll occasionally use the wi-fi here to access the Fossil Fighters Wiki.
  • The Shoppe is also frequented by Thea, likely for the gourmet ice cream.