Raptor Quest is a fan fiction of Fossil Fighters, written by RaptorGod2002.


As the chopper approached the Fossil Archipelago, I was researching everything I needed to know as a Fossil Fighter. When I start with excavation, Cap walks into my area. "So, I have a question," he tells me. "Would you like to test your digging skills... right now?" I nearly burst into tears of joy. "Of course!" I yell. Cap gives me my first hammer and drill, and then puts down a rock. I start my careful excavation, and soon enough, there is a dinosaur skull on my booth. Cap takes the fossil, and puts it into a machine. A blinding flash bursts out of it, and then a vivosaur appears on the floor of the helicopter. "This... This is a Sternus!" I say to Cap. The Sternus leaps up onto my booth and roars. I push him back, and he turns into a small coin.

Some time later, a voice booms over the radio. I hear, "Nearing Cranium Island. Please grab anything on board before leaving." Picking up my new stuff, I prepare to get off. However, Cap asks me of a favor. "After you get off of this chopper, go straight to the Stadium. I'll meet you there." I feel a jolt and know we landed. My adventure will begin soon.

As I walk over to the Stadium, I bump into a nice girl. We start to talk about vivosaurs, and I learn her name: Morgan. I nearly forget to go to the Stadium, so I tell her that I have to go. I meet up with Cap, and he tells me why he wanted me to come here. "I want to show you the ropes of Fossil Battles." We go to the arena, and I learn that he has a vivosaur. "Saurophaganax!" I blurt out. "Not just any Saurophaganax: Claw, my vivosaur," Cap tells me. I send out Sternus, and he cowers away from the titan. I tell him to attack using Toxic Bite, and he launches forward, viciously tearing at Claw. Claw then turns into a coin, and I get my first victory.

Morgan sees me as I walk out of the Stadium. "I saw your Sternus defeat that Phaganax. I feel really proud of you!" I tell her, "I think we should team up sometime." Suddenly, a huge Torvo lumbers out of the Stadium, and it roars at us. We send out our vivosaurs, and we start our attack. Her Parkso is heavily damaged by the Torvo's onslaught, but Sternus returns the favor. The Torvo walks away, and we think we won. Soon enough, it rushes back and attacks Sternus. We launch simultaneous assaults on the enemy, and soon it turns into a coin. I sprint to my hotel room, and go to bed for the night.