Nathan is a rather relaxed Fighter with great strategy. (He doesn't always win though.) He is a rather nice guy in heart, and is a good guy to count on.


Nathan once helped his father in Vivosaur research. He became interested in Fossil Battles, and wanted a vivosaur for himself. Finally, on his 13th birthday (September 24th), he recieved his first Vivosaur: an Aeros that would later evolve into Teffla. He was allowed to go to the Castelio Islands to compete in the tounament later that week.

Despite being strong, his first Aeros/Elasmo/Dimorph team was cleaved through on the first round, thanks to Thea's Argento.

Interaction with Other CharactersEdit

Damon- Friend/rival

Thea- Thea and Nathan are currently in a romantic relationship.

This is incomplete.


  •  Nathan is the OC of Proraptor715.