First up, Fossil Fighters. Everything happens, but after this game, Rosie (time)travels (Brought to you by Vivosaur Island's Fossil Center's Warehouse) to Vivosaur Isle where her father is (Frank Richmond). Meanwhile, the events of Fossil Fighters: Champions take place. After the game, Rupert and Pauleen start dating. They eventually get married, and thus, Jade is born. After twelve years or so years, another evil force comes to the Caliosteo Islands and reduces them to rubble. Rupert, Pauleen and Jade flee to Vivosaur Isle, and there starts the events of Fossil Fighters: Ultra.

There, Jade starts her fossil fighting career. Jade eventually meets up with Seth and the evil force follows them there... (No spoilers! :p). During the events of the entire game, Rupert and Pauleen are off on vacation at Fossil Fighters: Frontier's fossil parks which explains them at a tournament there (Seven Scramble). Back to Jade, she stayed with her uncle and aunt, Dr. Dino and (No Spoilers. :p again). Anyways that's basically it, so, yeah.