Michael is an OC from Storm's Brewing and stars in his own fic, Michael's Fic.







Febuary 5th

Specialty Type:


Starter Vivosaur:


Vivosaurs on Hand:

M-Raptor, rest varies


Breme, Tanstro,Cryo,Dimetro


Vivosaurs, video games, books


People lying and threatening his friends


Michael wears a blue shirt, jeans, black running shoes and a hat with the air symbol on it. On the outside he is shy but when he warms up to a person he is acually a very caring and loyal person; also he will not fight unless provoked. He never loses his cool and only two things set him off, being tricked and someone messing with his friends. He is a skilled strategist and rarely loses a activity that requires it. His ADHD makes him unable to stop moving most of the time and also enables him to think multiple strategies.


Michael was born to a family that loved vivosaur battling almost more than life itself, he got his first vivosaur at 6 and he named his M-Raptor Pete after his pet parrot. Despite his age he was the 2nd best in his family only his father could beat him but he was a famed earth type master and scientist. Life was good until age 8 when he lost his parents to an earthquake; he currently lives with his grandparents now, due to the sudden loss he seems withdrawn emotionally. Before he died his father left him 4 pieces of anato (Head, arms, body and legs) but he's too scared to excavate them as he feels that if he fails he will lose all ties to his father.


On HandEdit

Vivosaur Species Name Nickname Personality/Trivia Super Fossil
Microraptor M-Raptor Pete Loves to pull pranks and eat, though he can choose not to talk to Michael he chooses not to, as he believes Michael needs someone to talk to N/A
Bradycneme Breme Fangs Seemingly indifferent, however he is very loyal to his teammates and Michael, Michael's 4th vivosaur obtained N/A
Tanystropheus Tanstro Lax Lazy and loves to sleep, although likes to battle and is one of the only things that he will willingly wake up for, Michael's 3rd Vivosaur obtained N/A
Cryolophosaurus Cryo Ice Loyal and follows Michael without question, though at once did not listen to Michael at all, Michael's 2nd vivosaur obtained N/A
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