February 7

Specialty Type:


Starter Vivosaur:



Reading and writing, picking flowers, hiking, dinosaurs


Silence, foul weather, fighting, flying machines

Kang Cressingham has yet to appear in any work of fiction. He currently resides in the Fictional Character Limbo with Dallas Rufo and Sergio Lakes.


Kang's outfit usually consists of a bright button-down plaid dress shirt with plain white flared cuffs, loose-fitting brick-colored corduroy pants and white Supra high top sneakers. In colder weather, he puts on a hooded jacket with white sleeves and a black-and-green-striped body. He wears duplicates of his mother's dog tags around his neck. Occasionally he will wear a flower-chain bracelet. 


Kang's father, a helicopter mechanic at Fort Hood, was killed by an engine explosion before Kang was born. His mother took several years off of her occupation as a USAF pilot to take care of her son. She had not received a college education and had difficulty finding employment both on and off base and, concerned she would not be able to properly take care of Kang, sent him to live with his aunt and her husband on their ranch in Seymour. A retired teacher who believed she could educate better than any other, Kang's aunt decided to homeschool him. She soon discovered he was a very slow learner and had difficulty with reading, and she tried her hardest to catch him up to the rest of his age group.

During his free time, Kang would go out into the fields to pick flowers for his aunt. Fearing the thought of her nephew ambling around in the wild and running into some dangerous animal, she made him take her Shuno Jinxing whenever he went out. However, Kang was more frightened than comforted by Jinxing's presence, owing to the Vivosaur's detached personality and morning-star tail. 

For his eighth birthday he was given his aunt's newly revived Ampelo, Xigua, after she realized the discomfort Jinxing brought him. Unable to pronounce its name without difficulty, he instead gave it the nickname Ziggy. Though Ampelo initially considered itself just Kang's bodyguard, he eventually warmed up to his young master, developing a sort of motherly bond with him. Patient and intelligent, Ampelo assisted Kang in his studies, reading to him and helping break down difficult words, and in return Kang made daisy-chains for his flower-loving Vivosaur.

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