Gender: Female
Age: 12 Years old (Mid Tweens)
Birthday: December 23rd
Specialty Type: Water
Likes: Vivosaurs, Seth
Dislikes: BB Bandits, Chaos
Rivals: Rosie

Jade is a secondary protagonist of Fossil Fighters: Ultra. She is the daughter of Rupert and Pauleen.

Vivosaur Team (bench)Edit

Image Vivosaur Species Personality Stone Evoloution (& Elements)
TBA Tidal Mapo Tidal was Jade's first vivosaur, handed down to her by Rupert. Tidal is very calm and peaceful. But in battle, he is the exact opposite; very beast-like and strong, Tidal doesn't hesitate to attack vivosaurs, sometimes, accidentially his teammates. Tidal just got a very large surge of power from the power stone. While it granted him immense strength, it took away some brain cells, and Tidal now acts like a feral animal. Power Stone & Element Stone - Water-Fire
TBA Jingle Jiango Jingle is Jade's most beautiful vivosaur. Jingle is funny, but yet serious and calm. In battle, Jingle is just as sophisticated. When Jingle was leveled up while using an Element Stone, Jingle became even more likable. Jingle seems to have a strong bond with Jade and also has a rivalry with Dakira. Power Stone & Element Stone - Water-Lightning
TBA Dakira Dilopho Dakira is Jades most intimidating vivosaur. Dakira is ferocious and agrovating most of the time, but it is actually quite kind. In battle, Dakira is just as ferocious as it is when not in battle. When Dakira was leveled up while using a Power Stone, it became nicer. Dakira seems to have a rivalry with Jingle. Power Stone & Element Stone - Water-Fire
TBA Elexa Dark Abeli Elexa is Jade's most powerful vivosaur. Elexa is very nice and is friends with all Jade's vivosaurs, but it can never touch any of them because of it's electrical current. It was stolen, but was then found again as a Dark Vivosaur. In battle, it doesn't like attacking, but it still does. Once it was found again, it looked scarier, but it was still the same vivosaur. Element Stone, ??? - Lightning-Water-Dark
TBA Craze Dilo Craze is Jade's creepiest vivosaur. Craze is constantly stalking and creeping up on Jade's vivosaurs, but all he really wants is a friend. In battle, Craze is extremely reckless and that surprisingly works to it's own advantage. When it was leveled up while using a Power Stone, he became crazier, which is how he earned his name. Power Stone - Fire