The Hidden Treasures Pickaxe Emporium, better known as simply Hidden Treasures, is the top manufacturer of pickaxes on the Caliosteo Islands. In addition to selling their merchandise online, they also have a store located on Cranial Island, where they not only sell pickaxes and other resources, but repair them as well. They offer twelve basic models of pickaxe, and a select few of them are upgradable. They are customizable in nearly every aspect.



Item Name Description Price
Cute Pickaxe The amazingly adorable Cute Pickaxe is one of the lightest models, featuring one small blade. It’s very easy to swing, due to its size, but does not offer as much power to the user, nor does the blade length allow for quick digging. However, the Cute Pickaxe is easy to carry around, and has a very even weight distribution between the handle and blade to make for accurate digging.
Dainty Pickaxe The fashionable Dainty Pickaxe features a lightweight design, perfect for those who tend to tire easily. It features one medium-sized blade at its head, allowing for users to dig deep with each swing. The blade, however, is not offset by another protrusion, so swinging the Dainty Pickaxe is something most will have to get used to.
Deluxe Pickaxe The extravagant Deluxe Pickaxe is one of the finest models available, featuring two large blades, able to dig through to the deepest fossil rocks. Combined with its light weight, the Deluxe Pickaxe is perfect for those who want to dig up as much as possible, but don’t like lugging around a heavy pickaxe.
Glittery Pickaxe The dazzling Glittery Pickaxe comes standard with two short blades, which combined with its average weight give it good swing and depth. However, the blades only reach so far, and the weight can be a little tiresome after repeated digging.
Gorgeous Pickaxe The Gorgeous Pickaxe has one medium-sized blade, beautifully stylized to have a weighted protrusion to help balance the pickaxe’s heavy weight. While users will find themselves with a lot of power, digging can become tiresome when swinging the Gorgeous Pickaxe.
Hard Pickaxe The Hard Pickaxe uses one large blade to dig straight through even the most impenetrable rock. Users must beware, since the weight of the pickaxe is above average, using the pickaxe repeatedly will tire the user quickly. This pickaxe is not entirely balanced at the head, but the swing is powerful enough to be relatively accurate.
Heavy Pickaxe The Heavy Pickaxe adds so much force behind the user’s swing that it’s almost unbelievable. Fitted with two large blades to provide balance to its weight, the Heavy Pickaxe isn’t for the faint of heart. Just using this pickaxe a couple dozen times could wear out some of the strongest fighters, but the near-instantaneous excavation is well worth the work.
Light Pickaxe The Light Pickaxe’s weight may seem surprising when considering its two medium-sized blades, but make no mistake, using this pickaxe is like waving around a twig. With great balance and size, the Light Pickaxe makes for quick excavation of even the largest of fossil rocks, since the user won’t tire any time soon when using it.
Nifty Pickaxe The Nifty Pickaxe is an impressive combination on both weight and size. The average weight is augmented with two medium-length blades, and is a great standard for any Fossil Fighter. The Nifty Pickaxe lends just the right combination of depth and power to dig up any and all fossil rocks with ease.
Pretty Pickaxe The Pretty Pickaxe is startlingly heavy, heaving a rather average weight, but only one small blade. However, while this does little to affect its accuracy, since the blade size doesn’t cause any top-heavy effect when used, it does make the Pretty Pickaxe a bit more tiresome to use.
Shiny Pickaxe The sparkling Shiny Pickaxe features one small blade, but a heavy weight. Users who can drive it into the ground will find that, while it doesn’t gain too much depth, the Shiny Pickaxe excavates the Fossil Rock expertly with little risk of damage.
Sinister Pickaxe The Sinister Pickaxe can arouse suspicion as to its effectiveness, but its two large blades are perfectly balanced out with an average weight, giving it a good amount of power to really make use the reach of the blades. Using the Sinister Pickaxe to dig is a cinch due to its balance and range.
Beautiful Pickaxe The only pickaxe to go beyond the Gorgeous Pickaxe in the measure of beauty, the aptly named Beautiful Pickaxe has everything that the Gorgeous does and more. The blade has been fitted with an ornate curve for balance. The Beautiful Pickaxe also features improved an auto-drying handle to help improve accuracy and comfort, and an astounding blue-flame after-effect ensuring that every swing carries the grace deserving of this pickaxe.
Cool Pickaxe Completely surpassing the Nifty Pickaxe on all levels of coolness, the Cool Pickaxe will show the true spice of the user. Its two blades have been outfitted to better strike through the ground and reach Fossil Rocks within no time flat. It gives off a flaring electric after-effect to show off the thunderous power of wielding the Cool Pickaxe.
Luxury Pickaxe Even more opulent than the Deluxe Pickaxe, the Luxury Pickaxe uses the highest quality materials to combine durability with maneuverability. Still able to strike deep within the earth while retaining its light weight and no bitter side-effects, the Luxury Pickaxe is the top of the line. The brilliant leafy green after-effect makes every strike show the true intelligence within the user.
Suspicious Pickaxe The only thing to surpass the Sinister Pickaxe in inherent toughness is the Suspicious Pickaxe. The blades have increased resilience against any sort of damage while digging, without having to make any sour sacrifices. It benefits from remaining at an average weight, giving it an improved swing and balance. The yellow earthy after-effect punctuates the reason the Suspicious Pickaxe exists, to bore through the ground.
Sweet Pickaxe The next step up from the Dainty Pickaxe is the Sweet Pickaxe. The blade has been streamlined for a quicker strike, building upon the already efficient model of the Dainty. The glowing heart after-effect only adds to the charm and appeal of the Sweet Pickaxe, making every swing taste like sugar.