Vivosaur# 027 M-Raptor 


M-Raptor tend to be arboreal and can thrive in woodlands or tropicial forests, however these vivosaurs cannot thrive in colder climates and prefer humid enviroments.


M-Raptor feathers are primarly green with white and orange feathers on the face arms, legs and tail. It is called the parrot of the Cretaceous for this reason. Other phenotypes colors include red and black, Black and yellow, teal, green and mint green, pink, purple and blue these phenotypes are rare in the wild and are stronger than the average M-Raptor, these phenotypes are dormant in all M-Raptors and appear by the integration of "Wondrous" fossil rocks.

Notable BiologyEdit

M-Raptors have large lungs which they use for their breath attacks. They also have venom like most raptors do but the toxin is weak and most animals shake it off.


M-Raptors are oppertunistic and will eat anything, including mice, small birds, eggs, fish, fruit and trash. 

Social StructureEdit

M-Raptor like most raptors live in colonies, however there is no clear leader and it seems they band together for protection, every now and then a M-Raptor will "get bored" of the colony and leave, this promotes genetic diversity and prevents inbred colonies

Courting and ChildrearingEdit

During the mating season a male M-Raptor will create a nest for a female who will inspect the male's nest. If she deems it well made she will mate with the male who will help her raise the younglings until they are able to fend for themselves. Eggs tend to be laid in clutches of five at the least. One mate will fly out to collect food for the younglings and the other mate while the other mate will guard the eggs, they will do this in shifts until they are able to fend themselves.


M-Raptor venom is weak and induces mild nausea in people. A lone M-Raptor is not considered a threat, but continuing to provoke one will result in a swarming of all M-Raptors in the colony, it is advised to fight them with a high level earth type, a vivosaur with a group attack or a vivosaur with Confuse moves. If you have no Vivosaurs that can fit this run as quickly as possible.


As discussed before M-Raptors have some venom, in addition they have some aerokinesis and the ability to glide. They also have weak telekenesis which they use to talk to other individuals and/or their fossil fighter, they can also use a rally to increase the speed of their ally or theirself

-Fossil Fighter R.B.P.