Vivosaur#002 Daspleto


Daspleto tend to live in arid tempatures near oases ambushing unlucky prey


Normal Daspleto share the body type of other Tyrannosaurid. All individuals have grey rock armor which protects it from most of the force of vivosaur attacks while their bodies are reddish. There is purple, yellow, aqua and green phenotypes and are said to be stronger than the average Daspleto the phenotype is in all species DNA and can appear through integrating "Wondrous" fossil rocks.

Notable BiologyEdit

Daspleto have rock armor that grows on them shortly after they hatch by bacteria on their backs. They also have a sack for sedement that they use for breath attacks


Daspleto are apex preditors and will kill anything for food though they have no intrest in other carnivores unless other food sources are exausted. They supplement their diet with rocks that get ground up in their sediment sacks.

Social StructureEdit

Daspleto are solitary and only get together to mob prey or breed.

Courting and ChildrearingEdit

Breeding season only happens during one month, during this time males will give prospective mates "gifts" of meat. The female will lay only two eggs, and after hatching they will take care of them, teaching them how to hunt until they are the age of two when they surpass all potencial predators size. It is noted that for these Vivosaurs infant morality is extremely low, possibly because the of the armor


Daspleto are ambush preditiors so it is advised to not be around dense foliage near oases. Because of their strong defense it is advised to fight them with a strong fire Vivosaur


Like other earth types Daspleto has some level of geokinesis and has the ability to intimidate foes.