Divergence-DTC, also known as the Dinaurian Temporal Causality, is an alternate universe connected to the Storm's Brewing Universe. The primary deviation from Baseline-SB appears to be the failure of the Dinaurians to discover Earth. While they did not play a large factor in evolution on Earth, they did alter the understanding of time, space, and technology greatly. Thus, in the world of Divergence-DTC, technology is markedly different.

Deviations from Baseline-SB Edit

The most notable difference between the two universes is the complete absence of Dinaurian influence. While Dinaurians did not affect the evolution of life on Earth, they did radically change the inhabitant's understanding of technology, particularly with the discovery of the Dinaurian Scout Ship in 2002. Like within Baseline-SB, inhabitants do battle with dinosaurs in officially sanctioned tournaments; however, without the Stone Sleep device, the revival technology is never invented. Instead, battlers utilize time travel to tame dinosaurs in the past. Notably, many have created settlements and other man-made structures in the past, seemingly without altering the future; however, there may have been unexplained alterations to the timeline because of this that helped advance the technology of that world in order to achieve time travel by the year 2005. It is assumed that the timeline is now stable, and thus time travel is heavily regulated by a special division of police.

Relation to Baseline-SB Edit

The Fluctuation LevelerEdit

The Fluctuation Leveler allows the user to stabilize the time stream enough to travel to different times and places. However, caution must be exercised, as typical temporal paradoxes can and will apply. In its original conception, the Fluctuation Leveler was very large and similar in composition to the one created on Vivosaur Island by Dr. Diggins.

After a malfunction with the machine, the item was transported from Baseline-SB to Divergence-DTC; by utilizing the vastly different time travel technologies of both universes, the Fluctuation Leveler was compacted into the shape of a firearm. Using it now creates more focused and stable portals that allow for safer travel across time, and limited travel between the two universes.