Damon Arashi is the main protagonist of Storm's Brewing, and the story is told from his perspective.

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15 (As of the Caliosteo Cup)


January 1st

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Water Vivosaurs



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Chapter 1


Damon is approximately 5'1" tall, and both his hair and eyes are dark brown. He wears a generic orange zip-up jacket with no hood, and the usual shirt he wears is aqua blue. He rounds out the outfit with solid-color shorts and a pair of Tricera-themed shoes. He later obtains a canvas belt on which he holds his current team's Dino Medals.


Damon hails from the same place as Dino, Dina, and Todd, along with his childhood friend Bob. He and Bob make entries into the Caliosteo Cup alongside Dina and Todd.

As a child he used to stay in a vacation home along the shores of a lake. He spent lots of time with his Elasmo, forming their strong bond over the years. His time spent at the lake and his friendship with Elasmo caused his love for Water Vivosaurs, which he holds until this day.


Vivosaur Species Personality/Trivia Super Fossil Debut
Elasmo_Battle.png Elasmo Elasmo is Damon's first Vivosaur. He's been with Damon since the boy was seven, and is one of his most trusted partners. Two years later, he would save Damon's life. Because of their extensive relationship, they share an immensely powerful bond, and require no verbal communication in battle. None Chapter 1
Carno_Battle.png Carno This Carno was defeated by Damon in the wild and then taken in. However, Carno has emotional issues, and will react to the large presence of Fighters or unfamiliar places with fear. In most of these instances, it has shown the unusual capability to roll up into a large ball. None Chapter 1
Proto_Battle.png Proto Damon formed his bond with Proto in the middle of battle after using the Vivosaur's transformation abilities to win the match. Initially, Damon worries that he has caused a permanent change, but is relieved when the metamorphosis reverts. Proto takes offense to the thought that because he is a pinkish color, he is a girl. While he enjoys thought provoking puzzles, he also has an innate longing for much more adventurous pursuits. None Chapter ???
Toba_Battle.png Toba Toba is very laid back, prefering to do the minimal amout of work possible to achieve something; often times "minimal" means "zero," although she will help out if she deems the magnitude of the situation large enough. This apparent laziness only extends to labors in which she must exert herself; she rather enjoys just walking, and if the person with her is as laid back as she is, she has no qualms with carrying them on her back. None Chapter ???
Thalasso_Battle.png Thalasso Thalasso is quite clever and very favorable towards practical jokes, willing and able to use many forms of technology to his advantage. He's an avid fan of the internet simply because it's full of ideas for all sorts of things. He enjoys Proto's company, and while he thinks that all of Proto's musings are not being put to their most practical uses, he silently approves of the other Vivosaur's underlying adventurous spirit. None Chapter ???
Tricera_Battle.png Tricera Tricera can think outside of the box well, although is perfectly fine following a set strategy. None Chapter 14
? Delta Damon currently owns a Delta Legs fossil, which he cleaned as his tutorial rather than a Head fossil due to his Carno's mishap. None None


Items that have a specific customization or use to them. Standard items or those given out by Cup management are not included in this list.

Item Name Description Debut
Pickaxe The standard model pickaxe used by Fossil Fighters, and like most, customized in appearance. The main color is orange, and it features water droplets running down the handle, as well as lightning bolts along the head of the pickaxe, leading to the tips. Chapter 2
Shoes A pair of Tricera-themes shoes that never seem to wear out. Chapter 1
Belt A canvas belt designed to securely hold Dino Medals. The holsters are easily adjustable to any side. Damon's current arrangement has three on his right and two on his left. Chapter ???

Interaction with Other CharactersEdit

Thea - While initially standoffish, Thea and Damon formed their friendship through video games; however, while Damon tends to be more of a casual fan with some form of ability, Thea is much more competitive, and hones her skills. They have been known, however, to have disagreements.

Primacron - One of Damon's roommates, and also a very good friend. Although he is merely a few years older, Primacron often acts as a guiding or consoling figure for Thea and Damon, and does keep tabs on them.

Lucille - Lucille is very close to Damon, often sharing her various snacks she sells with him. He wonders what she's saving up for.

Rubicon - After facing Rubicon in Round One, Damon has made attempts to get to know him better,

Bob - Damon and Bob grew up in the same town. While they didn't really get acquainted until around fifth grade, Damon acts as a more reliable companion in Bob's plans.

Tim - Known to Damon only as an acquaintance of Alistair.

Celestial - Damon's first impression on Celestial, had she been any other person, would have lead to animosity, but Celestial's nature forgave him. They have since talked a few times, mostly through the online chat room,

Ub - Seen once outside the Ribular Fighter Station. Hasn't been seen since.

Deltri - He and Damon have only had a brief encounter, where Damon almost shot Deltri with an non-sharpened arrow.

Ray - Damon's sentiments towards Ray are very negative, due partially to Alistair's influence and partially from personal experience, when Ray knocked him out with a Perplex Shot to the head. After aligning himself with Alistair, Damon again encounters the leader of the Breakaway Brigade, this time fully set against him.

Alistair - This mysterious fighter stuns Damon with his cold, glaring silver eyes. He later forms a pact to help take down Ray.

Nathan - Despite being Thea's boyfriend, Damon has only briefly interacted with him. Damon does have concerns for certain parts of him though, particularly his wallet.

Brandon ???

Jonathan ???

Azalea First meeting Azalea in the online chat, he later encounters her at the Fossil Guild. Her Tsintao intrigues him.

Shockwave ???

Brawl ???

Shadow ???


Justyn - Finding Justyn lurking around Rainbow Canyon during his search for the Mammoth Vision, Damon immediatly gets suspicious, prompting an attack by Justyn's U-Raptor. He saw Justyn recover from a fall from a cliff, and reported his suspicions to Staff management.



  • Damon is TDD25's own OC.
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