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Penguins with unrelated things

PLEASE READ: I have elected to not write a romance fanfic. It's just too unfamiliar a territory for me. Instead, I have decided to create a Multitype Fanfic, where anyone can add to the story as they wish with a stipulation: All new (non-correcting) edits must be one and only one complete sentence. No sockpuppeting will be allowed to circumvent this rule. The collective editors will decide upon the title via polling after enough substance has been added to the story. So, without further ado: the "Currently Untitled Fossil Fighters Story!"

"It was a dark and stormy night on the Plains. The intermittent lightning flashed intermittently on the backdrop of viridian trees and bright green grass, making the whole place look lively. Amongst the palms and teak that were arbitrarily growing along the edges l lay; a dark-haired boy not much older than 14. Someone snuck up upon me that very day, and without saying a word, I was quite scared. The mysterious person took me to his house, and he was surrounded by many other people. And in the center of the living room was a table, and on that very table was... a board game. Turned out the one who took me was simply a fun-loving Fossil Fighter and wanted me for game night. Complying, I sat down at the table. The game was a fairly simple one, the object being to place five pieces of your colored glass in a row before everyone else. I won, but then I attempted to leave, and the Fighter blocked me. 'Hold it!', he said. 'Nobody leaves my house...' I was quite scared. Just when I was about to run, the Fighter continued. '...Until I introduce myself!' Suddenly, I felt much better. 'My name is Sarin,' the Fighter continued, 'and, I'm sorry if I disturbed you.  I was quite sudden in my attempt to get to know you.  And you are? {{please continue the dialogue}