22 years


December 29th

Specialty Type


Starter Vivosaur

Betelgeuse (Metria)

Vivosaurs on Hand

Metria, Nodo, Stego




The colour white, stargazing, flying (a helicopter, that is)


Automobiles, rain

Arenna Oe is a character who is set to appear in Storm's Brewing. His perspective of the story is told in White Flower.


(Ripped from TDD's blog, because I'm too lazy to rewrite it.)

Very tall, gaunt male with an equally pinched face and extraordinarily fair complexion. His waist-length hair follows a teal colour gradient, the roots being a snowy white and the tips a rich blue-green. His eyes, narrow and gorgeous, are a similar shade, but the colour is not natural- coloured contacts hide grey irises. He wears a white aviator jacket, white dress pants, and white boots with steel soles. He has crutches, having broken his left leg.


(Partially ripped from TDD's blog, because I'm partially too lazy to rewrite it.)

Arenna is infuriatingly cocky around strangers, but rather quiet and collected when in the presence of friends. He enjoys quiet reflection in solitude. While some may consider him antisocial, and he often comes off as such, he is in truth a very lonely individual longing to socialise and be around others- though fellow chopper pilot Adam Pope is the sole person he has told such a secret. 

He is a victim of frequent benign hallucinations, the cause of which is undetermined but assumed to be epilepsy. Generally, he does not let others know of his condition, a notable exception to this 'rule' is, yet again, Pope. While the hallucinations usually do not affect him physically, such anomalous experiences have impaired his motor skills once so far while piloting an aircraft, causing him to doubt his ability to ferry passengers safely across the islands. 

Arenna, having never fought a Fossil Battle until he met Adam, is notably quaky in combat due to his decreased aptitude for battling. He tends to take up the defencive when fighting, attacking only rarely- a strategy of sorts that usually ends up in endless battles.


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Vivosaur Species Personality/Trivia Super Fossil
Metria-Battle.png Metria

Betelgeuse was Arenna's first Vivosaur, given to him as a child by his late father. He is excitable and, as far as Vivosaurs go, a romantic, a favourite pastime of his being pairing Arenna or him self with another. Despite this annoying behaviour, he is actually quite sweet and loves to listen to others when they need an ear.

When Arenna was a child and ran away from home, Betelgeuse saved him from a lorry that swerved off-road.

Silver Body
Nodo_%28Body%29-Battle.png Nodo (undecided) Silver Body
Stego-Battle.png Stego

Fomalhaut was given to Arenna by Adam so he could have a full team to battle with. Because of how close the battle was, despite the victor being himself, Adam decided that Arenna should keep the Stego. 

He was named for his colour, which is akin to that of the nineteenth brightest star in the sky- Fomalhaut.

Silver Arm


Item Name Description Origin
Golden Pin A small, attractive golden pin given to pilots on the islands. It's shaped like a Ptera. Beginning

A full white rose with a pretty golden center. It appears to be a Charles de Mills hybrid or mutation, judging by the abnormal colour and the cramped petals. Given to Arenna by Adam as a proclamation of his affection, it refuses to wilt.

It was apparently from Adam's home country, an exceptional beauty of an unknown breed grown by his father, a bishop.


Interaction with Other CharactersEdit

Adam- A fellow helicopter pilot and very close friend of Arenna's who flew the aircraft that took him to the islands. He taught Arenna much about flying.

His attraction to Arenna is disputable.