Apocalypse-W is an alternate universe connected to the Storm's Brewing Universe. The world of Apocalypse-W is separated from the world of Baseline-SB by many millenia in time; however, they otherwise occupy the same physical space. Apocalypse-W's main timeframe takes place while its version of ZongaZonga still ruled the Caliosteo Islands, and the condition of the islands is very bleak. Ash rains from the sky on a regular basis, and Mt. Krakanak is fully active. The Majestic Vessel Tournament occurs approximately every fifty years, and unlike Baseline-SB, Apocalypse-W has yet to reach a point in time where the citizens of the islands revolt.

Deviations from Baseline-SBEdit

The link between the two universes is considered to be strong but distinct; events occuring in one timeline do not affect the other unless there is an actual connection between the two. The most prudent example of this is that Apocalypse-W is thought to be a doomed timeline, hence its name. The conditions on the Caliosteo Islands are nearing uninhabitable, and given Mt. Krakanak's instability, the resulting seismic activity is predicted to cause a chain reaction along volcanic faultlines across the world.