Zaura (Fossil Fighters 3: The Return of the Vivosaurs)

Zaura (Neutral Type), (Large), (Close-Range)

Genus: Zaurasaurus

Fossilary Description: Giant teeth and a large stomach ensured a gigantic meal each day.

Era: Mesozoic Jurassic

Diet: Carnivore

Ability: Berserker

Description: Zaura is a rare vivosaur whose high LP, Attack, and Defense is rivaled with its dangerous ability, Berserker. Negative support effects on its own ally show that it isn't a good team player either.


Max LP: 600

Max Attack: 95

Max Defense: 51

Max Accuracy: 35

Max Speed: 12

Support Effects (Own AZ):

45% Attack Down

45% Defense Down

45% Accuracy Down

45% Speed Down


Heavy Bite- 110 FP (Damage: 113)

Massive Combo- 180 FP (Damage: 145) [Rotate: 50%]

Zaura Fury- 250 FP (Damage: 181) [Rotate: 80%]

Law of the Jungle- 50 FP [Recover using Ally LP]

Void Blast- 280 FP (Damage: 188) [Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously]

How to Obtain:

Fossilized Rainforest [6th Dig Site] (Rare)