Makura (Fossil Fighters 3: The Return of the Vivosaurs)

Makura (Water Type), (Small), (Mid-Range)

Genus: Makuravis

Fossilary Description: With horns extending over 10 feet wide, Makuravis was considered a "cousin" to the Pelorovis.

Era: Cenozoic Quaternary

Diet: Herbivore

Ability: FP Plus (+20%)

Description: Although Makura is equipped with Super Enflame and the FP Plus ability, it's negative support effects can restrict an AZ ally's actions on the battlefield.


Max LP: 360

Max Attack: 73

Max Defense: 35

Max Accuracy: 25

Max Speed: 24

Support Effects (Own AZ):

50% Attack Down

0% Defense

50% Accuracy Down

0% Speed


Makura Ram- 40 FP (Damage: 85)

Makura Combo- 80 FP (Damage: 97) [Rotate: 80%]

Blue Spark- 150 FP (Damage: 122) [Gold Poison: 80%]

Super Enflame- 100 FP [Greatly raise Attack]

Blue Blaster- 120 FP (Damage: 101) [Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously]

How to Obtain:

Forgotten Archipelago [10th Dig Site] (Rare)