Miraum (Fossil Fighters 3: The Return of the Vivosaurs)

Miraum (Fire Type), (Medium), (Mid-Range)

Genus: Miraceratherium

Fossilary Description: Almost triple the weight of that of an elephant, it was the second-largest land mammal to roam the planet.

Era: Cenozoic Paleogene

Diet: Herbivore

Ability: Link

Description: Miraum's support effects can greatly enhance the Defense and Accuracy of an AZ ally, but can also lower their Attack and Speed in the process.


Max LP: 480

Max Attack: 77

Max Defense: 25

Max Accuracy: 40

Max Speed: 30

Support Effects (Own AZ):

40% Attack Down

80% Defense Up

80% Accuracy Up

40% Speed Down


Miraum Strike- 50 FP (Damage: 91)

Miraum Kick- 100 FP (Damage: 104)

Magma Storm- 250 FP (Damage: 135) [Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously]

Harden- 15 FP [Raise Defense]

Corkscrew- 270 FP (Damage: 149) [Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously]

How to Obtain:

Fossil Raider's (FR) Base [9th Dig Site]