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Proto Boshi
• 12/20/2016

Rendevrin (Fossil Fighters 3: The Return of the Vivosaurs)

Rendevrin (Neutral Type), (Small), (Mid-Range)

Genus: Dryptorendevrinodon

Fossilary Description: A very fast and sneaky predator, it snatched young prey from behind when the mother wasn't looking.

Era: Mesozoic Jurassic

Diet: Carnivore

Ability: FP Plus (+10%)

Description: With FP Plus in Rendevrin's arsenal, a sneaky tactic is meant to be learned if combined with the mind-boggling Power Scale. It also gains strong support effects to boost all stats of the attacking ally.


Max LP: 280

Max Attack: 65

Max Defense: 25

Max Accuracy: 50

Max Speed: 27

Support Effects (Own AZ):

40% Attack Up

40% Defense Up

40% Accuracy Up

40% Speed Up


Rendevrin Fang- 20 FP (Damage: 77)

Rendevrin Double- 40 FP (Damage: 82)

Rendevrin Theft- 140 FP (Damage: 96) [Steal 100 FP: 80%]

Power Scale- 50 FP [Equalize FP]

Fearsome Assault- 150 FP (Damage: ---) [Scare: 90% Team]

How to Obtain:

Barren Hills (Rare) [3rd Dig Site]

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