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Proto Boshi
• 11/19/2016

Journa (Fossil Fighters 3: The Return of the Vivosaurs)

Journa (Earth Type), (Titanic), (Long-Range)

Genus: Superjournasaurus

Fossilary Description: The reason why archaeologists gave Journa the prefix "-super" was because of its massive length and size, extending longer than 5 buses in a row!

Era: Mesozoic Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Ability: Auto LP Recovery

Description: Although gaining the crown on the highest LP of ANY existing vivosaur, it support effects harshly penalize your AZ attacker's Attack and Accuracy. If Harden is applied to Journa and it is weakened, Auto LP Recovery is the best way to regain LP when in need.


Max LP: 770

Max Attack: 85

Max Defense: 30

Max Accuracy: 35

Max Speed: 10

Support Effects (Own AZ):

60% Attack Down

0% Defense

60% Accuracy Down

0% Speed


Journa Crush- 150 FP (Damage: 112)

Journa Whip- 200 FP (Damage: 130)

Earth Crush- 400 FP (Damage: 165) [Scare: 50%]

Harden- 15 FP [Raise Defense]

Superquake- 500 FP (Damage: 177) [Scare: 30% Team]

How to Obtain:

Molten Mountain (Rare) [5th Dig Site]

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Proto Boshi
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