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Proto Boshi
• 11/11/2016

Cranen (Fossil Fighters 3: The Return of the Vivosaurs)

Cranen (Water Type), (Medium), (Close-Range)

Genus: Cranenasaurus

Fossilary Description: Two large curved horns in the front of the head were used to threaten its enemies.

Era: Mesozoic Cretaceous

Diet: Omnivore

Ability: Solo Power

Description: Cranen has a sleep skill that is sure of landing and accurate poison skills, which are perfect for sneaky tactics in all positions of the enemy team. Solo Power and solid support effects make Cranen either useful in the AZ or the SZ.


Max LP: 450

Max Attack: 73

Max Defense: 19

Max Accuracy: 48

Max Speed: 14

Support Effects (Own AZ):

0% Attack

40% Defense Up

0% Accuracy

40% Speed Up


Drowsy Roar- 50 FP (Damage: ---) [Gold Sleep: 100%]

Cranen Combo- 90 FP (Damage: 102)

Cranen Fury- 180 FP (Damage: 124) [Gold Poison: 100%]

Quicken- 15 FP [Raise Speed]

Toxic Breath- 250 FP (Damage: ---) [Gold Poison: 80% Team]

How to Obtain:

Sizzling Beach [2nd Dig Site]

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Proto Boshi
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