Abaco (Fossil Fighters Champions)

Abaco (Earth Type), (Large), (Close-Range)

Genus: Abacosaurus

Fossilary Description: This extra-large dinosaur ate meats every day and night. This dinosaur will not be satisfied if it has not filled up its hunger or appetite.

Era: Mesozoic Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Ability: Parting Blow

Description: Abaco's high attack at low ranks doesn't only boost its damage but the Parting Blow Ability can increase the damaging rate when its health drops below 10%.


Max LP: 590

Max Attack: 96

Max Defense: 14

Max Accuracy: 40

Max Speed: 10

Support Effects (Own AZ):

20% Attack Up

0% Defense Up

0% Accuracy Up

20% Speed Up


Earthen Fangs- 90 FP (Damage: 119) (Parting Blow Damage: 179)

Earthen Combo- 180 FP (Damage: 144) (Parting Blow Damage: 216) [Scare: 50%]

Abaco Special- 300 FP (Damage: 171) (Parting Blow Damage: 257) [Scare: 100%]

Law of the Jungle- 50 FP [Recover LP using ally LP]

Abaco Earthquake- 450 FP (Damage: 189) (Parting Blow Damage: 284) [Scare: 80% Team]

How to Obtain:

Petrified Woods (Yellow Mask)