Malare (Fossil Fighters Champions)

Malare (Fire Type), (Mid-Range), (Small)

Genus: Malaradon

Fossilary Description: Large horns made it have a powerful attacking armament.

Era: Mesozoic Jurassic

Diet: Carnivore

Ability: FP Plus

Description: Although uncommon to find, Malare's support effects can significantly raise an AZ ally's stats at any time. The FP Plus Ability is also useful for long, drawn-out battles.


Max LP: 480

Max Attack: 81

Max Defense: 20

Max Accuracy: 59

Max Speed: 36

Support Effects (Own AZ):

70% Attack Up

35% Defense Up

70% Accuracy Up

35% Speed Up


Malare Bite- 40 FP (Damage: 93)

Malare Double- 80 FP (Damage: 110)

Malare Rage- 140 FP (Damage: 136)

Enflame- 30 FP [Raise Attack]

Malare Eruption- 200 FP (Damage: 159) [Scare: 40% Team]

How to Obtain:

Mt. Krakanak (Rare)