Ourigua (Fossil Fighters Champions)

Ourigua (Air Type), (Close-Range), (Large)

Genus: Ouranodon

Fossilary Description: A thick-bodied dinosaur that had pointed thumbs, making it look like thorns.

Era: Mesozoic Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Ability: N/A

Description: A fusion of Ourano and Igua, Ourigua will eventually learn a confuse skill and Counter Blow as it ranks up.


Max LP: 560

Max Attack: 75

Max Defense: 35

Max Accuracy: 49

Max Speed: 33

Support Effects (Own AZ):

10% Attack Up

10% Defense Up

10% Accuracy Up

10% Speed Up


Fist Jab- 120 FP (Damage: 103)

Ourigua Combo- 240 FP (Damage: 130) [Confuse: 70%]

Fist Flurry- 280 FP (Damage: 168)

Payback- 30 FP [Counter: 70%]

Spirit Calling- 300 FP (Damage: 185)

How to Obtain:

Fusion Fossil (Pick Ourano/Igua first, then pick Ourano/Igua next)