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Proto Boshi
• 4/17/2016

Devilino (Fossil Fighters Champions)

Devilino (Fire Type), (Long-Range), (Titanic)

Genus: Hellidevilinosaurus

Fossilary Description: It was the largest pterosaur with a longer wingspan than Coatlus. It could swoop up and eat raptors or other small-to-medium-size dinosaurs whenever it is in it's way.

Era: Mesozoic Jurassic

Diet: Carnivore

Ability: Elemental Boost

Description: With the highest attack rating of any pterosaur, Devilino develops scare skills as it's core arsenal. It also features fantastic attack and defense support effects to the ally AZ.


Max LP: 550

Max Attack: 95

Max Defense: 48

Max Accuracy: 57

Max Speed: 32

Support Effects (Own AZ):

99% Attack Up

99% Defense Up

0% Accuracy Up

0% Speed Up


Great Beak- 130 FP (Damage: 144) [Scare: 50%]

Great Slice- 250 FP (Damage: 177) [Scare: 70%]

Great Typhoon- 400 FP (Damage: 210) [Scare: 100%] [Rotate: 100%]

Super Enflame- 100 FP [Sharply raise Attack]

Great Turbulence- 500 FP (Damage: 239) [Scare: 90% Team]

How to Obtain:

Bonehemoth (Extremely Rare)

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