Sunflower (Fossil Fighters Champions) [Based on Plants vs Zombies 2]

Sunflower (Air Type), (Mid-Range), (Medium)

Genus: ???

Fossilary Description: A rare plant that is popularly known from the Plants vs Zombies series, Sunflower was known to have low LP but good accuracy and speed which was good for evading attacks.

Era: ???

Diet: ???

Ability: FP Absorb

Description: With a great speed support effect and a healing skill, Sunflower makes a great SZ ally. Just be cautious of it's low LP.


Max LP: 280

Max Attack: 68

Max Defense: 17

Max Accuracy: 55

Max Speed: 32

Support Effects (Own AZ):

0% Attack Up

0% Defense Up

0% Accuracy Up

90% Speed Up


Sun Strike- 70 FP (Damage: 75)

Sun Combo- 80 FP (Damage: 83) [Enrage: 40%]

Sun Beam- 160 FP (Damage: 104) [Enrage: 80%]

Sunflower's Song- 180 FP [Removes Status Effect and Heals 100 LP on a Chosen Ally]

Sun Burst- 210 FP (Damage: 124) [Enrage: 30% Team]

How to Obtain:

Fertilized Forest (New Dig Site, exclusive to the Plants vs Zombies 2 Plants!)