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Proto Boshi
• 4/10/2016

Andy (Fossil Fighters Champions) [One of my dogs!]

Andy (Earth Type), (Mid-Range), (Small)

Genus: Canis Iupus

Fossilary Description: A small-sized dinosaur that had such a resemblance of a dog that some say it was the ancestor of the dogs.

Era: Mesozoic Triassic

Diet: Omnivore

Ability: Link

Description: Andy is a rare earth type that can sharply downgrade the Attack and Defense of a vivosaur in the enemy AZ. It should be ideally teamed with another dog that has strong support effects to make the perfect duo.


Max LP: 280

Max Attack: 77

Max Defense: 18

Max Accuracy: 50

Max Speed: 35

Support Effects (Enemy AZ):

90% Attack Down

90% Defense Down

0% Accuracy

0% Speed


Andy Bite- 60 FP (Damage: 81)

Andy Combo- 80 FP (Damage: 99)

Andy Fury- 120 FP (Damage: 113) [Scare: 80%]

Super Enflame- 100 FP [Sharply raise Attack]

Dog Burst- 150 FP (Damage: 135)

How to Obtain:

Petrified Woods (Rare)

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Proto Boshi
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