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Proto Boshi
• 9/7/2015

Fortza (Fossil Fighters Champions)

Fortza (Water Type), (Mid-Range), (Medium)

Genus: Amberfortza

Fossilary Description: It had strong bones, especially in it's horns, that was used for battling and protection.

Era: Mesozoic Jurassic

Diet: Omnivore

Ability: Parting Blow

Description: Fortza's support effects can lower almost all the stats of the enemy AZ, making them all but useless. Parting Blow and Super Harden adds more use to Fortza in the SZ.


Max LP: 440

Max Attack: 78

Max Defense: 27

Max Accuracy: 40

Max Speed: 32

Support Effects (Enemy AZ):

99% Attack Down

99% Defense Down

0% Accuracy Down

0% Speed Down


Fortza Crash- 70 FP (Damage: 85) (Parting Blow Damage: 128)

Fortza Uppercut- 110 FP (Damage: 101) (Parting Blow Damage: 152) [Poison: 50%]

Fortza Fury- 150 FP (Damage: 133) (Parting Blow Damage: 200) [Poison: 80%]

Super Harden- 75 FP [Sharply raise Defense]

Toxic Tornado- 190 FP (Damage: ---) (Parting Blow Damage: ---) [Poison: 90% Team]

How To Obtain:

Icegrip Plateau

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